TP-Link Archer AC1200 c1200 not working with Wyzecam V2

I upgraded to a new router an TP-link Archer AC1200 (c1200) my two Wyzecams v2 on the latest firmware camera’s will connect but are not stable, the KBs count when viewing live drops to zero and the app states network is unstable and will disconnect eventually
It will take multiple tries to connect to the cameras when opening the app and frequently fail, the router is in the same room as the two cameras with 90-100% signal on both.
If i switch back to the old router in the same spot the cameras work.

Any idea or know issues with this router?
Thank You

Are you blocking anything from the firewall?

No and I’ve tried using the TP-link as an access point only with the same result

Have you tried disabling the 5 GHZ band temporarily?

will try that, they are separate no band steering

I had to do that with mine. If it does not work, we can rule out the bands. That router shouldn’t be dropping packets, which is why I think it’s either the bands or something in the configuration. Have you tried removing them from your app and adding them back with the new router?

I tried a factory reset on one camera but did not remove it from the app first, I will give your suggestions a try it seems to be a great router. it works awesome with everything else.


Try adding it back to the app with 5 G disabled then after it’s added, add the 5 G back. I had to do everyone of my cameras the same way. Idk why though.

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Seemed to do the trick, I removed cameras from the app, turned off 5G and setup everything again from scratch .

Thanks again

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I am not sure why, but it works. I am glad you were able to get it resolved.

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I also noticed that the cameras drops connection if 2.4Ghz is set to 40Mhz. On 20mhz phone shows 55kb/s - 120kb/s sometimes lower.
Not sure what is normal rate?

I have not played with it too much, but it would make sense. What do you have it set to? 60?

On 20mhz phone shows 55kb/s - 120kb/s sometimes jumps lower

Yeah that’s about right it sounds like.

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