Touchless Thermometer

Shameful, Very disappointed with Wyze! I have purchased several of your products and recommended you to people. But now you want to sell a touchless thermometer that is available from the the manufacturer for $10 more than they sell it for on their website, Shameful way to exploit our current worldwide emergency


The price difference is actually because we bundled the shipping cost into the price. :slightly_smiling_face:


For anyone that knows anything about infrared thermography it should be clear that it works under ideal conditions. There is a setting that modulates the reading… it is called emissivity. It is a characteristic of the object surface. With variations in human skin (pigmentations, skin moisture, surface oil) the results with this thermometer may not be trustworthy. Depending on trial group they used this will work on some, but not all. In my opinion it is not practical to invest in infrared thermometer for body temperature measurements.

i just discovered the same thing and am now cancelling my order. also of note, this device originally retailed for 19.99. iHealthLabs PT3 infrared thermometer review - The Gadgeteer

We ordered one, have had it about 2 weeks now. Tested it against our other traditional thermometers & at most its different by .1 degree. Thanks Wyze it works for us.

it is 43$ in iHealth web site.

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I ordered the thermometer, received a confirmation email of the order being processed, my card has been charged, but when I check my orders, it says i have no orders. What’s going on?

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You may want to check out this shipping update from WYZE

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I think Sarahzs concern is
Why would order disappeared?

and has nothing tp do with the shipping schedule delayed.

I received mine, and it seems to work better than expected. Being a father of 3 young children I have purchased over 5 thermometers in just a few years. This one I can say seems to be the most consistent. It stays within .1 degrees F.

If you are looking how to change it over to Celcius Here is a video I made.

If you’d like to see the rest of my impressions of it.

Ordered the iHealth Touchless Thermometer just a few minutes after receveing the meail. Rcvd it in about 5 days - failed to work right out of the box. Only displays dashes instead of temp. I can get it to change from C to F, but that’s it. even tried changing to brand new batteries, still only dashes. Just for “fun” aimed it at my palm…gave a reading of 107.5F then a second reading of 105.3. Have never gotten it to operate correctly on forehead reading. I’ve sent three emails to iHelath without a reply. Wyze won’t accept returns if the item has been opened------how do you know you need to return an item until/if/when you open the item and try it??? I realize everyeone is swamped, but very frustrating.

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Make sure when you try to use it you get it at the spot near your forehead before pushing the button or it will not work. Place at spot THEN push button. Not saying this is your issue but it has been for many.

The point of these types of thermometers is so you don’t have to wake or touch your child to get their temperature. And for adults, you don’t have to chance spreading germs from person to person. But, their accuracy is not as far off as you make it seem. No thermometer of the planet is 100% accurate because it depends on what part of the body you get the reading from. However most thermometers are close enough.

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Wanted to see if Wyze has an update in regards to Thermometers. I placed an order for two of them on 4/15 and haven’t received any type of confirmation that my order has been shipped, delayed, or anything. Completely understand that these are in super high demand but when I placed the order it said it would ship in 1-3 business days, which hasn’t happened yet then arrive in 4-7 business days.

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NCITs should only be used for scanning, not clinical analysis. The area measured should not have perspiration or hair present and performed in a draft-less room.

Anyway …

One can buy the iHealth thermometer FROM the manufacturer FOR $10 less (though shipping is $9.99, so yea, comes out the same price) and it’s in stock. The same thermo that Wyze sells is NOT stocked by Wyze, but no doubt drop-shipped. I’d rather order direct than wait for the drop-shipping fiasco.

So why not go here < Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer | iHealth – iHealth Labs Inc > showing it’s in stock?

This thermometer is great. It even works on my dogs!

Money should not be taken out of your cc account unless the item has been shipped.

I noticed that on my Wyze orders money has been taken out right away.

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I have had no support from Wyze regarding my iHealth PT3. I ordered on April 8th. And it shipped on the 14th. Immediately we checked it out and it would not read below 100 degrees on three different people in the house. On the same person it would read several full degrees different in just a few minutes. We let it sit to acclimate but it still didn’t work. I emailed support directly a few times before I realized it wasn’t a monitored email, the response was going to a different folder! However, on April 22nd I used the Wyze website support and requested a refund. Emailed twice since then for a status update and today I entered another refund request. So far I have only received automated responses that they received my request, (and I’ve checked all my folders and spam). Anyone actually get support?

Do you have an Oral thermometer?
boiling water a bit to 40C. dip Oral thermometer in water. wait
check till until 39C.
use youir and check. how big difference between oral to ir?