Done with WYZE

Don’t buy Wyze temp thermometer ! Because of this I took off work !
It reads higher then normal, so I thought I had COVID 19 !
Took a week off work , got tested !
Got another thermometer , guess what normal !
This product is made in CHINA , that saves it all !
Done with WYZE ![No touch thermonitor](http://Wyze THERMONITOR)

How high was your temperature? Younger people are naturally hotter, and older people are cooler, but you should be able to expect within about a half-degree accuracy. Normal human temperatures are usually between 97.7–99.5 °F. With this device, the measurement has to be taken within about 1.2 inches of your forehead, or around 3 cm.

Fevers start from around 99.5 °F, but I believe the CDC recommends you seek medical advice if your temperature reaches 100.4°F/38°C or higher. Of course the temperature may not be because of COVID, which is why you need to be evaluated.

If you have an issue with the thermometer there is a 30-day return policy for any issue, and a 1-year return policy for defects. Just contact Wyze support at:


A fever found by a person is a common symptom for many things, but given the times all eyes are on COVID19 and its on everyone’s mind. A thermometer is a single tool to help a person find that symptom. If i found a symptom, i’d try and use other ways to verify and/or find more symptoms. A fever alone doesn’t mean COVID19, and the only way to know for sure is to get tested for it. COVID19 has an array of signs and symptoms, and sometimes none at all. You may very well have had a fever when you took it the first time, and not the second (i am not doubting you either way). Disclaimer, as always, consult your preferred medical for medical advice and help.

In these times, i’d even stay home when sick with anything else, because i don’t want to make my already compromised body exposed to other things.

I am glad you are okay!