Wyze In Response: Thermometers and Webcam Firmware Available

We’re in awe of how people band together in response to COVID-19 and want to help. Wyze In Response will use our supply chain to distribute helpful items to our community during this scary time.

Fevers are an early sign of COVID-19 and we want to make it easier to detect infections. Starting today, we’re offering No-Touch Thermometers through our website. Additionally, we have a firmware version that will allow you to use your Wyze Cam as a webcam and one month of free CMC for folks that want it.

Learn more about Wyze In Response here:



Very neat! Thanks Wyze!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


Hi there,
In regard to the email you sent out:
I would love to try the free Complete motion for the month that you are offering, but if you will look at my account you will see that something went wrong at your end back in December which makes it look like I’ve already had a free trial. Back in December I attempted the one free month and didn’t even get to try it for a day before my trial ended. I would really like to take advantage of the offer in the email that you just sent me. If you would like, I could even send you a screenshot of what happens when I try to activate the free trial in this email. I opened a support ticket regarding this matter back in December but nobody ever replied to me. Looking forward to your response thank you

On Mar 31, 2020, at 12:31 PM, Wyze <hello@wyzecam.com> wrote:

I tried to order a thermometer, but when I got to the page to click on amazon button, it just sat there.
Has anyone been able to successfully buy it via the email link?

I was able to about 20 min ago.


Sorry to hear this, @livnpeaceful! Could you please contact our customer support team and send them those screenshots? We’d like to look into this.

Wyze Customer Support

Kudos to you all for helping out where you can and thanks for the opportunity to purchase the no touch thermometer , I’ve been wanting one , already ordered, I hope I don’t need it but maybe someone else might that doesn’t have one at all


Sorry about that, @muerte33! Are you still having that trouble? If so, does this still happen if you use another browser?

@WyzeGwendolyn could you have someone post regarding any testing WYZE has done on the accuracy of the thermometer. False reading up or down could be worse than no thermometer at all

I had UBLOCK ORIGIN turned on in Firefox, after I turned it off, it seems to work.
My bad.

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This isn’t a Wyze product (we’re just facilitating availability) so there has been limited testing. However, I’ve had one for over a year and am pretty happy with it. I find it helps if I aim it directly at the center of my forehead after moving my bangs away for about ten seconds (they trap the heat).

I had Ublock Origin turned on in Firefox. My bad!


Thanks for the update! Glad you got it sorted out.

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With so many scams out there it might be helpful to at least post employee reviews to give folks some confidence - I bought one just the same as I found our swipe one died and we are without one now. Keeping my fingers crossed.
AND A BIG THANKS to WYZE for doing this


What is the Resolution/FPS of the camera when used as a webcam?

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Hello, so one usb to connect and power cam?



Not having luck with purchase of thermometer. Keep getting message: ‘A server error stopped your order from being placed. Please try to place your order again.’

Anyone else having this issue?

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