Thermometers at a cheaper price

I purchased the no touch Thermometer by iheart from the WYZE website. Paid $53 for it. It came in a timely fashion and I opened it up to show my husband what we got and how to use it. He went on the web and found the same exact one for $27 on one site (he ordered 3 of them for his business) and on the iheart website for $43. I contacted WYZE to ask if they price match so I don’t have to return this one and repurchase it at one of the other sites. As usual, I got a “form letter” telling me that they can’t return the thermometer if its been opened. I sent another reply asking the same question “Do you price match? Can you credit me the difference in price from the other sites?” and then I basically got the same form letter back. Now that I’m aggravated that they can’t even reply back personally with an answer, I thought I’d post on here so you all can know that you can buy them cheaper on other sites. Wyze jacked up the price for the same item.

The Wyze price of 53 includes shipping (but not tax as that varies state to state) When you add shipping to the iHeath one it’s about the same. See my screenshot of iHealth cart below. Your husband likely found a slightly older version which sells for in the 20’s all over the web.

thank you for replying. I do believe that my husband purchased 3 of the ones for $27. He compared the specs and everything to make sure that he was getting the exact same thing that I had just received. Even if he receives and older model, I think its worth the $30 difference per item if it still takes the temperature in the same way. What feature could be worth the $30? Mine just takes the temperature and nothing more.

I have no idea what the new feature is you would have to compare the specs. I do know that the previous model retails for mid to high 20’s. If you don’t feel it’s worth that you don’t have to buy it.

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I already purchased the $57 one and he purchased the $27 ones which are supposed to be the exact same ones. He checked the specks and they should be the exact same as the one I bought from

Excellent! I am sure he will enjoy his savings.

Sounds like a simple case of " I didn’t do ANY research untill after I purchased, and now I’m upset at you for offering to sell it to me". And at that it was your spouse that did the research. Hopefully lesson learned and it was pretty cheap lesson. on cognitive thinking and shopping.


I did price check the Wyze offer after I ordered and found similar pricing with shipping included on this device. I don’t recall seeing $20-$30 pricing though I do recall finding some better pricing with greater than 30 day delivery which these days seems to mean ‘who knows when you’ll get it’.
So I think Wyze offered a fair price and relatively quick delivery. I got mine before Wyze seemed to have its warehouse/shipping snafu so it was a timely delivery.