Too many vehicle detections in my garage. P

I put a Wyze Cam V3 set up in my garage with motion detection settings set to trigger on people, vehicles and packages. It keeps triggering vehicles even though they aren’t moving. I have dogs that wonder through the garage frequently but they aren’t in the videos. Is there a way to get the vehicle triggers to happen only when the vehicles move?

Wyze is working on the ability to only trigger vehicles when motion has been detected. At this time, you can set the Event Recording to include Vehicle, but I would not Notify on Vehicles, turn it off if you would like.

The other option is to setup a zone and not include where your car is. However, this would then cause that area to be ignored if the vehicle is not in your garage.

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TBH, this has been a known issue for over 18 months with no change. Counterintuitive behavior but doesn’t seem to be high on their list to fix.