Toggling between accounts

Is there a way to toggle between two separate accounts or be able to set up two apps (android) with different login credentials?

Thank you!

Each device is associated with a specific primary account. In order use a different primary account, the devices would have to be re-setup with the new account. The other option is sharing devices with other users with Wyze accounts.

No way to toggle really , You can just log out of one account And then log into a different account With the same app

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After reading HDRock’s reply, were you referring to different accounts with different devices associated with them? If so, HDRock’s reply is the better one.

Android has “Users” where you can set up a completely separate profile on the same phone. It’s very much like having 2 user accounts on a Windows PC. Each user can set their own background, arrange their own apps on the home screen, and sign in to apps with their own credentials.

It’s not quite a “toggle” since to switch you have to choose the other user profile from the notification bar and wait for Android to load the new user’s home screen, but it’s the best way I’ve found to run multiple copies of the same app on the same phone.

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That sounds like a pretty good solution for the OP
Out of curiosity Where do you find that in Settings ?

It varies by Android version/manufacturer, and some phones have that feature removed, but in the stock Android 7.0 menu it’s just in Settings > Users.

Technical details here:

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Thank you All for the quick responses and possible solutions!

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Apparently all 3 of my Samsung Android devices (Versions 7, 8 and 9) Have it turned off

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Samsung’s Android launcher is about as close to stock Android as Amazon’s FireOS :grinning:

However, if you don’t have the Users feature you may be able to use “Secure Folder” which purportedly uses their KNOX framework to isolate and encrypt files, apps, etc in their own container. I haven’t used it myself, but I know many mobile device managers use containers like that to sandbox corporate apps and data from the rest of the phone.

Yeah, I figured that.
I was just checking it out , Out of curiosity

Try any of the app cloner in play store

How do you log out of the ap?

To log out of the Wyze app, go to the Wyze app > Account Tab (Right Bottom) > Your Profile (Top) > Sign Out (Bottom)

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