Tired of changing SD cards

I won’t go into the details…I just tired of swapping SD cards…some days it works, Some days it doesn’t. I have used 4 different brands including the one they recommended.
It defeats the purpose…if you can’t fix the issue at least increase you cloud storage to 30 seconds per event.

Get better ones. They’re not all the same.

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Hi, @zvocio Welcome to the community! The type and brand of card does make a difference. Have you tried an endurance SD card?
What Micro SD Cards Do You Have Working in Your Wyze Cam? - #32 by StopICU33

Maybe it’s a camera thing, that i can’t say but i’ve installed 12 cams (me and friends) and the brand i’ve used for all is SanDisk 32GB MicroSD HC Ultra Uhs-1, i found them cheap and reliable (so far)!

I had a problem with SD card detection with one of the first V2 cams I had but a firmware update fixed it.

I switched to these and have had no problems since. Brand I think is a matter of preference but the High Endurance is key.
SanDisk High Endurance Card

I actually haven’t experienced a problem with any of my cards. I’m using standard 32 GB Wyze cards, Samsung, and SanDisk. I lean toward the endurance cards since they are designed specifically for video recording. One of mine in a V2 cam is a Samsung endurance card. SanDisk endurance should work about the same. The off brand cards seem to be where folks start to run into problems.

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Agreed about off brand cards. Starting to feel that way about batteries also.


Thank you all for your response…I will be the Sand Disk Endurance a chance.

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Update us at some future point about how it goes.