Tips for Multiple Outdoor Camera Base Stations

This is for those that have more that 4 Outdoor Cameras and multiple Camera Base Stations and limited connections to a router or WiFi device.

My Starting Configuration:
A. Spectrum (Comcast) Modem for Internet and VOIP
B. Eero Pro 6 mesh network (3 devices) - gigabit WiFi (they say) - WiFi 6 - Tri-Band - All this works as advertised and connect directly to the modem.
C. Two Wyze Outdoor Camera Base Stations
D. 8 Outdoor Cameras (one camera is broke out of the box and am working on warranty replacement)

Problem: There are two actually - but one at a time:

  1. The Eero device used as a gateway only has two ethernet connections - one is for connecting to the modem and the other is available for any user use that might need a direct wired connection to the network.
  2. Each Camera Base Station is set up for a required wired connection to the network. So another direct connection is needed.
    Solution: Use a Network Switch - Suggestion: Netgear 5 Port Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch (GS205v2), available on Amazon for 18.99
  3. Plug in the Switch to power.
  4. Then connect supplied ethernet cable to Eero device (or router) used as the network Gateway. (any port, suggest 1)
  5. Plug in first Camera Base Station to any port (I used 5). Use Wyze App to add the Camera Base Station just as if you were connecting directly to the Gateway (or a router) - Follow the Wyze App instructions adding Base Station and the light will glow blue when connected. Note: Once accomplished you can add cameras now if you wish or wait.)
  6. Plug in second Camera Base Station to any open port (I used 4) - Follow the Wyze App instructions adding Base Station and the light will glow blue when connected.
  7. All Camera Base Stations will show on the Wyze app and you can go about adding your Outdoor Cameras to your desired Base Station. Note: For me (because I get confused easily), I used a naming and numbering convention: Base Stations: Outdoor Cams 1 and its cameras as Outdoor 1-1, Outdoor 1-2, Outdoor 1-3, Outdoor 1-4 - and Outdoor Cams 2 and its cameras Outdoor 2-1 … etc

End Problem 1 (note: The Wyze App shows everything: Base Stations and Cameras, the Eero App will only show the direct wired Camera Base Stations which is how a router would probably show things)

Problem 2 - This appears to be unique when using Eero devices as your WiFi Gateways. The Eero devices broadcast simultaneously on 2.4 gHz and 5 gHz. Unfortunately, they use only a single ssid (I think it is called) for both bands. This will confuse Wyze devices when initially adding them because they are 2.4 gHz only and they don’t discriminate that well.
Solution (This has worked for me, but your milage may vary)
The Eero app has a Settings selection on the bar at the bottom - Select . Then select Troubleshooting (bottom center of the page) - Then select My device won’t connect (first listing) - Then select My Device is 2.4 GHz only. This selection allows you to disable the 5GHz band for 10-15 minutes.
After I selected this I gave the network a couple of minutes (2-3) to switch and settle down. I then go back to the Wyze App and go about adding the Wyze device. So far, adding a Wyze device had been well within the timeframe that 5GHz is turned off. (Note: Eero will automatically turn 5 GHz back on after the time has elapsed.)
A side note: This problem and my listed solution requires PATIENCE and more patience in execution. Primarily because you are switching between two apps to get things done. The first few times I did it, I fat-fingered things around and had to go back and start over a couple of times. Patience is key.

Hope this will help those with lots of outdoor cameras. Questions: contact me at

Stay Safe - Jet