Multiple Base Stations on Extended Wi-Fi Network?

How to install TWO Base Stations on my extended Wi-Fi Network (same network) to provide wider coverage for the Wyze Outdoor Cams?

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Do you have a WIFI extender with en ethernet port? You can plug the base into that. Also, you can have up to 4 cameras on one base station. You may not need two base stations depending on how far away the cameras need to be.

How far away do the cameras need to be from the base how far away is the router from the camera location? Can you provide more information on the layout of your network?

Thank you!

My Wi-Fi Extenders do have Ethernet ports.

Initially, I plugged my startup Base Station into my router and put Wyze Outdoor Cameras in front and back of my house. When looking at the Base Station signal strength, I have no bars on back of house and one bar on front. Estimate 40 feet to back and 30 feet to front cameras. The back camera signal must go through four walls – the last of which is brick. The function – especially on back – was erratic. Worked well at times and then failed to connect. Front was better but not super.

So, I ordered another starter pack with the intent of installing base stations on both the Wi-Fi extender closer to back of house and on another extender closer to front. As soon as I “added new base station” to app, the app “deleted” the original base station and installed the new base station. Thus, the problem. My first question is whether or not the app will support two base stations? If yes, how. Secondly, how are Wyze Outdoor Cameras assigned to base stations? Will the cameras connect to the strongest base station or may I assign?

Finally, I am trying to install at least 3 outdoor cameras on 2 base stations (on extenders) providing the strongest signal to each camera.

Thank you.

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That shouldn’t be happening. Have you made sure that your other base station and your Wyze app are up to date?

It should support 2 base stations. I have seen people who have 2 base stations at one location or have one at multiple locations.

When you setup your outdoor camera, the camera stays paired to the base you connect it to.

I would just connect the base station to the extender or router closest to the camera(s) that you want connected to the base.

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Hi Folks,

I’m curious to know if you successfully got two base stations working simultaneously. I’m looking to add another camera that would be out of range of current base. Appreciate any insight.


You can run multiple Wyze Cam Outdoor base stations simultaneously on the same network, split over multiple networks, via Ethernet, WiFi or any combination. I have multiple base stations connected to same ethernet LAN and multiple base stations connected to the same WiFi access point.

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Thank you! Good news.

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I’m not sure what all the chatter above was about to a simple question. Bob obviously understands Ethernet network basics, so why WYZE dragged him through 20 questions to arrive at inconclusion reminds me of my first Wyze tech support experience (years ago) to simply figure out if the original cameras would overloaded a metered / limited ISP and use up all your bandwidth. Must be something in the water out there.

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