Tips for dealing with glare through glass at night (outside motion light?)

I’ve searched the forum about this and it seems that “recording through glass at night” is a big problem. You can’t use IR option because it just reflects back. Another issue is any light behind camera also causes reflections and triggers as motion…at least the room is “usually” dark at night.

So, it seems like the best options I’ve seen mentioned are to get light ON somehow outside the house. Then you might capture motion or hopefully person recognition at night. Keeping the light ON all night I don’t want to go with. So, I want to see TIPS for how people are turning on lights at night?

I was thinking first that I could get a motion sensor flood light for corners of my house, but I’m not sure if the corner flood lights are too far from the front door where I have the Wyze Cam.

I also am not sure if there is a motion sensor bulb or something that I could add to my front porch light as an option?

Adding photos to see if anyone has any suggestions?


Hello, so noone has any TIPS or advice for how to turn on the lights outside for motion so that the webcam can capture whatever the motion is better?

That’s what we do - we have floodlights all around that stay on. The cost is minimal. (Be forewarned about my opinion - we use Nest cams for security cams, so we don’t have this issue)

The other option is to install motion-sensing floodlights.

The other option to to install dedicated IR lights outside.

The other option is to buy a waterproof housing and mount the cam outside

The other option is to buy a purpose-built weatherproof quality camera.