Viewing through window

I would like to be able to view my back deck at night through the kitchen window. Right now, at night, all I get is the reflection of the camera’s IR light. Is there a fix for this, besides adding a motion sensing night light to the outside deck?

No fix besides adding lights outside on the deck and turning off the IR light, or finding a way to mount the camera outside.

Hey Gulmer,

This is not possible unless you use an LED floodlight. IR rays will not go through glass.


they make plug in outdoor IR lights you could put outside if you have a receptacle. this would be visible to only the camera so you wouldn’t have a normal light on outside all night.

this was just a quick search on amazon for IR floodlight 850NM

the 8500NM is important because that the frequency our cameras pick up from what ive read on on the forums.

do your research though because ive head of these being sold without the power plug you will need. so make sure it has everything and contact the seller if you can.

im looking into one currently for my back yard :upside_down_face:

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In the Advanced settings, Night vision IR lights
The recommended setting when facing a wyze Cam through glass is off , To reduce the reflection of the camera’s IR lights

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