Timestamp 12- and 24-hour time formats

Imagine that you are in a windowless room with the lights on, you just woke up how do you determine AM vs PM on a regular clock?? With 24 hour military time there is no doubt.

Ahhh. Got it! OK, I imagine being in a cave, exploring w/friends. We get lost for 3 days. Look @ my watch. It shows 6:00. Is it 6AM or 6PM. Thank U for making me “See The Light”, so to speak.

I’d like to be able to switch the display time from 24 hours to 12 hours. I’m in the US and do not use 24 hours. It would make it easier to be able to go through my SD card and time the date and time better. Especially since I’m not able to fix on my iPhone the date format from having the year first (i.e 2020-06-09) I’d before reading the date as 06-09-2020.

Please change description of this issue to:

Some people don’t enjoy or aren’t familiar with 24-hour time displays. We have been asked to give people an option.

(Requiring AM/PM is not helpful, complicates the issue and will leave the problem unresolved for many.)

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Agree to 12 hour am/pm option.

My phone and tablet are set for 12hr format yet my camera (WYZE Cam V3) is still reporting in 24hr format. So how do I change that?

The on-video time is always 24 hour format. The time displays other than part of the video itself follows your phone setting.

I agree.

If there is an optional update (oh Canada) for 24hr format I would appreciate it - i do not think many folks know about this ‘Wish List’ forum, and there may be many others out there that would appreciate (Vote YES) having that feature on their watch…

I would appreciate the 24 hour format also.

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I adjusted my linked phone’s time format to 24 hrs and it updated the watch to the same format… Because I always wear a watch I never noticed my phone was on the 12 hr format… my lack of focus… am very happy now my watch is showing 13:25 as I write this !!!

Could a software change be made to enable standard time values be displayed during live stream, instead of military time i.e. 13;00, 14:00, 15:00??



I’d like to be able to adjust the format that the time stamp appears in. For me, seeing the year first just seems weird. No where when you’re writing a date, do you write YYYY-MM-DD (or at least I don’t). Personally, I’d like to see MM-DD-YYYY as a format.

A simple fix to this, could even be a drop down menu with a few options:
• YYYY-Jan-DD (Feb, Mar, etc)

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Change Date and the Regular time

I would like to see change to regular dates and regular time
5-9-2022 and I like to use civilian time not military time.

Time Display 12 vs 24

I have my time set for 24hr format for all my devices. When displaying the current video, it IS in 24hr format but if you use Playback, the time is in 12hr format and is confusing. Please make a change when you next update.
Thanks, Tim

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Where are you seeing the time in 12 hour format Tim? I also have my phones set for 24 hour clock and don’t see anywhere in the app on either Android or iOS a 12 hour display.
In playback, there is the timestamp on the video (if you have that turned on - always 24 time format), and times shown on the scroll bar. Are you seeing 12 hour time on the scroll bar? I am seeing that in 24 hour format on V2, V3, and original Pan cameras on both phones. Everything with latest (as of 24 June) beta app and firmware versions.

Hi. When using “playback”, the time stamp at the top is showing in 12 hr format when you slide the “bar” backwards to go back in time. I hope this clears it up ?

Interesting. Not on either my Android or iOS phones with either V2, V3, or V1 Pan cameras.
These screen captures are both from a V3 camera on my Android, but the other camera types and all three camera types on the &^%$# iPhone are the same. While actually scrolling, the pop-up that shows the scroll time is also 24 hour format in all situations as well (could not get a screen capture of that.

IOS 15.5. Playback, 12h and live view, 24h. I never noticed this before.