Timestamp 12- and 24-hour time formats

Some people don’t enjoy or aren’t familiar with 24-hour time displays. We have been asked to either switch it to the more common (in the US) 12-hour format or give people an option.



If you switch to our stupid AM/PM system, PLEASE give us the option to stay with 24 hour time.


Give your Canadian customers the option to use 24h format…
Thanks from Montreal,Canada


Magellat, The clock settings in the App use whatever your phone is set for. So set your phone to use 24 hour time, and the Wyze App will as well. The on screen time is already in 24 hour format.

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I think we’re talking about 2 different things here. The time displays within the app do follow the phone’s system time format settings as @K6CCC points out. However, the timestamp watermark on the video stream is fixed at 24-hour time. Giving the option to display this watermark in 12-hour format is what this topic is about.

And I agree, if this is implemented, it should be done as an option for 12 or 24 hour format in the camera’s advanced settings. It can still be one line in the settings with three options: Off, 12-hour, and 24-hour.


Strongly agree - don’t drop the logical 24-hour option.


The scroll bar in video playback needs to be changed to show 24 hour format. At the moment while the clock is showing 24 hour the scroll bar in video playback it is only showing as 12 hour format. If not 24 hour then at least a color change from AM to PM


Can we please get an option for time stamp in 12 hour time and not military time ,i don’t like military time and i dont like how i get some times in the app in 12 hour and the other in military
Can we please just get an all or nothing option ,all 12 hour or all 24 hour
Or at least more options so that everything can be manually set to 12 hour hour time


This should be fun. Two users in the same account flipping 12/24 back and forth.

This guy gets it

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Yes, having the option for the time stamp to be 12hr or 24hr while streaming would be GREATLY appreciated.


Can playback time be changed to 24hr format? Difficult to distinguish between 7am and 7pm in playback


I agree with this. When the time is zoomed in and there is no time stamp on the playback video, how do you know if it is AM or PM? I don’t care if the markings are AM/PM or 24 hour.

iOS has the ability to select a 24-hour time format. Wyze software, as it operates on that OS, should honor the system settings - it should support the 24-hr choice, if such format has been pre-selected on the device application is installed on. We never communicate natively with the cams so I don’t see what would be the issue preventing a feature to real-time transcribe the timer into whatever iOS signals as a chosen format.
Please add this ability, there is a reason people opt for 24-hour format, Wyze should not be the 12-hour cop on the device.

Not true!

Dude, why so hostile? Are you ashamed of your own decisions?

Sarcasm man.

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I would LOVE the 12 hr clock option. Thanks!!!


I strongly prefer the 24 hour system, but like having the option :slight_smile: