Timestamp 12- and 24-hour time formats

This would be nice for my GF, LOL. She HATES that it is in 24 hr format.

I think it would be nice to have a 24 hr timeline too…I wonder when we’ll have enough votes to start researching this option. It can be confusing during playback like others have said.

Give the option for 24 hour time. Across all time outputs. I see it on my live video feed for example, but not in the Timeline when I go to a date and look for a time. Would be a consistent way to have time for an app - and user experience.

In the Android app, the timeline shows (for example) 02:04 for both 2 am and 2 pm. The timestamp in the image shows 24 hour time. When moving the playback pointer, a 24 hour time is displayed in the middle of the image.

So, the only part not showing the time nicely is the timeline under the video.


Definitely want 24 hr time option. Too many issues using the AM/PM 12 hr antiquated system.

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Although it should be simple to decipher 24hr time format, I do understand that for some it remains difficult.

However, I also strongly feel that ‘time format’ should ultimately be the end users choice. Therefore I cast my vote to include it in ‘Advanced Settings’.


It should be an option and consistent throughout the app. Frustrating that the playback is 12hr without AM or PM noted and time stamp is 24 and no option to change

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Have faith friend, they may not get to it right away, but they will eventually

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It’s worse enough having to teach/tech support for your family. It’s even worse when you have to keep converting time for them. You can keep the file saving the same but atleast allow the entire ui to be consistent 12hr or 24hr based on the device viewing it.

That has been my exact observation (frustration) as well. I’m great with 24 hour format but would be much happier if the scroll bar simply displayed the 24 hour format correctly.

I was trying to display U.S Time on my Wyze Cam but after talking with the team it’s currently not an option. Would love to make this happen

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you should be able to choose to view the time in the time zone the camera is physically located

This would be great to have to make making schedules more friendly. Also to have this feature optional for the many people who do not want to use military time.

We love options! 12hr format please!

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Can we have the option to make the timestamp 12hr format?

I truly think switching to the 12 hour time format would be easier for the majority (or @ least give an option). I am indeed familiar with the “military” time, but I prefer the 12-hour much better. All clocks, watches @ hospitals, state capitals, Canada, airline tickets, etc. wherever I have traveled, I have seen the 12 hour clock on walls & buildings. Would it really be such a huge problem for Wyze Cams to @ least give an option? And, especially, this is a Seattle based company, I am confused why they would choose to initially set their cameras for the 24 hour format. Even my cheap digital watches give me an option for the time format.

I just want the timeline to match what’s shown in the video timestamp. One is military time and the other is the 12 hr format. :slight_smile:.

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Yeah…I don’t understand why the timeline is not consistent with the timestamp on Android. I think it matches on iOS though.

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I vote to keep the 24 hr option. It is less error prone. That’s why the military and many countries use it. How many people forget to set AM or PM when setting time? With the 24 hr clock there is no confusion. From a programming perspective it is easier to set your time spans and especially when going across midnight and noon. For those that can’t learn that 1400 is 2PM then give them the option of using 12hr AM/PM.

I never thought about it that way. You are indeed correct. However, I never forget to set AM or PM. Some ppl do, I guess. The problem, is I have difficulty to recognize immediately say like, 11:00 PM, 9:00 Pm, 8:00 PM, etc. 1:00 PM is easy (1300). 4:00 PM is 1600. But, the other times, I have to start counting. Clocks on the wall of buildings & stores all have the 12 hour time, including watches. For me, I just think it’s simpler. But, it is what it is. IF they choose to keep it military time, so be it. It is not enough for me to get rid of my Wyze, cuz I love the price and the performance. Thank you for your comment.