Time index shows AM and PM the same

The time index in playback shows AM and PM the same, contradictory to the time stamp.
Time stamp is in 24 hour (eg; 16;22 / 21:45 / 07:33 etc) whereas the index used in playback shows 07:33 when it is 7:33 PM when it should show 19:33 and AM and PM not indicated. Sometimes it is frustrating to locate the correct time using the index.

There is also an overlap of time stamp information when the time index is visible in playback in landscape mode. The time index effectively overlays the timestamp on the screen, very difficult to read.

See uploaded screenshots

Not sure if this is just on my phone or if same on everyone’s phone.

Hopefully this will get fixed soon. I created a ticket for both of these issues a while ago through the app but never had any response. Don’t know if WYZE is looking into correcting it or not.

I like the timeline the way it is

Uhmm . . . I think you are missing the point.

AM and PM is not shown on the time index and the time stamp is in 24 hr format.

Thanks for you comment anyhow.

Is anyone from wyze paying attention to this topic? This issue still persists on AOS now more than a year after I posted!

I agree, I vote on giving the option. Atleast make it one or the other, not both. I did find this wishlist item on the tooic from a while ago that is still labeled “maybe later”.

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Is your viewing device set to 12 or 24 hour time?

My viewing devices are set to 24hr time, live view displays 24hr time and playback timeline displays 24hr time.

Android versions: 10, 9, 6
Wyze app: public v2.14.35

iOS 14.2, 9.3.6
Wyze app: public v2.14.23

What they have now is just a programm error. It isn’t 24 hr time or am/pm.
For example - 8:00 am or 8:00 pm appears as 08:00. 1:00 pm appears as 01:00 not as 13:00. It’s is just messed up programming that hasn’t been corrected in over a year.

I’ve never seen a viewing device setting?! Where do you find that?

Your phone, tablet or whatever you view a Wyze cam livestream or playback on.

I thought you meant a setting in the wyze app.

Interesting. . . When I change my phone to display 24 hr time it corrects the error in the time index.

But who wants their phone to display 24 hr all the time?



Now we’re on the same page. :+1:

When I read this:

It sounded like you were reporting that those with phones set to 24hr time were seeing a bug in the timeline.

What you meant was that you need AM/PM timeline indicators when your phone is set to 12hr time. This is primarily a user-to-user forum, so it’s not likely that Wyze is looking at your post here. They do look at the Wishlist and have noted future interest in providing a 12hr/24hr user preference setting in the Wyze app. But what you really want is a simple bug fix. Add the missing AM/PM markers on the timeline when phone is set to 12hr time. You should state that in @Omgitstony’s Wishlist reference above, create a new Wishlist item asking for the indicators, or post the ticket # that you got over a year ago. Maybe we can escalate your report so that someone @ Wyze acknowledges receipt and gets the fix/enhancement scheduled. Lack of that indicator has to be frustrating to many. Here’s an example of such:

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No I am not asking for am/pm markers in the timeline. I just would like the bug fixed in the timeline.

Did you look at the screen shots I attached to the original post? The last photo I attached shows 18:00 but thr time line indicates 06:00.

Now that you pointed out if I switch my device to 24 hr time it corrects this error. I don’t want my phone on 24 hr time, just so I can correct a time line bug in the wyze app.

Why does it show 18;00 on the screen but 06:00 on the time line.

That is a bug.


It’s a bug. When phone is set to 12hr time, the time display on the footage should show 12hr time and the timeline should reflect 12hr time with AM/PM indicators.

So you want your phone to remain set to 12hr preference, but you want the timeline to show 24hr time? I doubt that will ever happen, but if that is what you desire, please succinctly state so in the Wishlist item below so the developers hear your voice:

Thanks for finally adding am/pm to the time index on the V2 cams.

Will you be adding this to the V3 cams as well?