Suggestion: 24 hour time on playback time bar

I would find it helpful if the playback time bar used 24 hour time format like the image timestamp. Alternatively a different highlight color for AM and PM. Thanks!

Which Wyze app are you using? I’m seeing 24 hour time scale on iOS app version 1.5.65. See below. That is with my iOS system time set to 24 hour. If I change the iOS system to 12 hour time format, then the timeline shows AM and PM. See the 2nd screenshot below.


My app is 1.5.82 running on android 8.1.0.

I don’t get see the am/pm that you see on your app.

I tried changing the time display setting on the phone and the app does show 24 hr time on the time bar. Thanks!

I don’t know how the Android time display setting works, but you may need to enable the display of AM/PM when 12-hour time is selected. I suspect that Wyze app is just following the Android time display setting.