Timeline is a waste of time

After using these cameras for years i’m absolutly fed up with the video playback timeline calandar feature, it’s a compleat waste of time and over taxes the small prosessor in the cam. It should just be a list of events with a thumb of the motion. A list would far eaiser to review than scrolling back the timeline for what could be a simple time and date stamp in the title of the clip. I’m begging you to change this.

All of my cameras are set for continuous recording and the timeline works fine. There is nothing to “list”. As I understand it, if recording only events, you can press the left or right arrow to step to the previous or next event. Also, if you look at events on the cloud (video or snapshot - depending on CamPlus or not), you can click the symbol that sort of looks like a SD card and that will take you to that exact date and time from the uSD card.


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You tagged this thread Cam Pan V3. That cam has only recently been released and started to ship this week. The UI for microSD Playback on the Cam Pan V3 is completely different from that of any of the cams V3 and prior. Both the V3Pro and the PanV3 use the same vertical scrolling timeline with detection icon overlays.

As @K6CCC mentioned above, if cams are set for continuous recording, there are no breaks in the timeline to select. And, agreeing with him, the function you are describing exists in the Events Tab.

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