Time to contact BBB

The lack of customer service and lack of acknowledgment that there is something wrong with a lot of orders is absurd. From reading posts on the forum, there are many that are having the same order issues or similar as mine. I have received zero response after MANY attempts to contact anyone at Wyze. I have even received an email asking me to review the product (face masks). This truly feels like a scam. My account has been charged and I have absolutely nothing to show for it. I intend to contact the Better Business Bureau concerning this matter this time tomorrow if I have not received a response that I feel is reasonable considering the length of time it has been since I placed my order.

We’re sorry about this. Could you please give me your order number so I can look into yours? We’d like to resolve that issue.

We’ve been posting some updates in the News from Wyze section of the forum. Here’s the most recent update from the team:


If you don’t have your order number you can post one or more support ticket numbers. This would also assist Gwen in helping you.


Looks like their ticket numbers were posted in a different thread.


I didn’t receive an order number. Here are the ticket numbers that I have submitted.
[Wyze Ticket 549535]
[Wyze Ticket 567517]

also screen shot of the charge

It looks like you received the bounce back email but didn’t reply to it before the ticket closed. Sorry about that! I sent your ticket number with the information over to the team so that someone better qualified than I am can look into this issue for you. I suspect that your order was closed but that the payment was stuck in the gateway so someone with higher access is going to need to move it along. We apologize for the trouble.

Any progress?

I cannot believe this is such an issue and the lack of someone getting to contact you back. I have contacted them via their email 4 times with no luck. I have included my phone number as well. I have been charged 7 times for something I have ordered once and nothing from them. I think we all should contact the BBB

JUST RESPOND! I see these folks giving the company kudos, but I can’t even get a legit response on my issue. To have decent customer service, all you have to do is respond and have a dialogue!

I have pinged up the ladder to get a update for you.

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Welcome to the forums! Have you created a support ticket? That is the official way to get into the queue for assistance. Here is the support ticket link.. Once you create one, can you post it’s number here and I’ll get someone to check on it for you and figure out that payment issue. Sorry for your troubles!

I had similar experience,but if you buy from ad sent by email,it does not show in your account as bought
I did get Thermometer,actually has good customer service by email only.Website is disorganized?

@robbie.gentry, I’m sorry. I checked and it looks like this hasn’t been fixed yet. I pinged the team about it again and apologize for the delay.

@idler186, would you like to give me your support ticket number or order number so I can have the team look into this?

We’re getting closer to caught up and apologize for the poor experience some people are having.

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#602490, they say they are working on it, but I have no faith in you guys anymore. I would love to be proved wrong.

Sorry for my delay here! I looked into the replacement order they sent and USPS is saying that it was delivered today. Is that accurate?

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Yes itbwas finally delivered

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Great! Thanks for taking the time to confirm that for me. I appreciate it. :slight_smile: