BBB Complaint re Lack of Response on Returns & Poor Customer Service

Planning to file a complaint with BBB re: lack of response on returns. Purchased an item directly from Wyze in mid February 2021. Requested return 3 days after receiving item. Got return authorized. Have yet to receive shipping information to mail back item or refund. It’s nearing one month to the date and I still have the item unused in the box it arrived in. Planning to file a complaint with the BBB.


Welcome to the forums! Did Support provide you with a ticket number? Can you post that here and I’ll send the info on and get it checked on for you. Did you call Support back since then? Since you contacted them well before the 30 days and got a return auth I believe that is fine, should be no worries there.

Yes. Ticket # 1065377

Glad to hear it! Their inability to create a return shipping label for at least the past 2 months is insane to say the least. It’s freaking 2021 and WYZE is a tech company. There is no excuse for this and I am glad to hear of your plan. Filing a complaint with the BBB won’t fix your problem, but it will likely make you feel better.

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Same here. I bought 5 Wyze cams from Wyze (three v3 and two v2). 4 out of 5 cameras paired immediately, all in the exact same location, the same way. The final camera (a v3) will not pair. I have tried everything multiple times (invert, shift, change distance, change rooms, hard reset, multiple QR codes…) the whole shebang. It’s clear the camera is defective. I messaged asking for a return. A ticket has been filed and the first response was just an automated response with a “have you tried getting the QR code to work by…”, after which I responded “yes nothing works, I want to return this one defective camera.” No reply. I have emailed three times back on my return ticket, no response. I don’t appreciate that when I request a RETURN, I get met instead with an automated troubleshooting guide. I really like the cameras. Good quality, easy to install. I have pre-ordered the whole home security package. But now, I feel like this is incredibly shady. A week later with no response to my three emails.

I did get an automated, “were sorry, covid has us short-staffed, …”. I am totally amenable to this issue. I was very kind in my email and noted that it’s no problem if I have to be put on a long wait list for a return product as I know they have limited inventory. But this is insane. We’re talking generating a return ticket. That’s all. I was telling all my friends what a good idea Wyze is and now, I feel like I’m about to flip the switch in the opposite direction and warn everyone to steer clear.

This is a similar issue with me. The ordering section of the website showed an error, which I tried to correct several times in order to order a set of headphones. I should have paid more attention, but I wound up with 5 separate orders for headphones. I discovered it quickly, and contacted customer service. I was told the order had already been processed (10 minutes in from the order), and I’d have to return the 4 extra headphones when they arrived. I’ve had them packed and ready to go, provided the order numbers, and waiting on the return labels. It’s been a week, no labels. There is no phone number for connection directly to a person. I’m starting to get suspicious now. I’ve had good luck with a thermostat, liked their instructions for installation. And I like the headphones. I just don’t need 5. If I can join in on the BBB complaint, I will.

BBB is useless. never help me in other cases. no one big company cares about BBB compliances

Metro by T-Mobile deals. I know they’re not who were talking about their one company who cares about their Better Business Bureau rating.

I placed an order for two camera almost two weeks ago. They charged me $12.60 for FedEx Ground shipping. To this day I still have not received the camera. FedEx is sure taking it’s sweet time my order sitting in one of their warehouses for days.