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Requested a refund immediately after receiving two Outdoor Cams. More than just a couple reasons for return request. After about 40 minutes of being on a non stop look of the same paragraph, no exaggeration. NO break in that paragraph loop, no pause annoying music, No new paragraph but THE SAME FOR 40 MINUTES. Afraid to hang up and have to start all over, finally got to a person. Said they’d send an email with a return request questionnaire. I got that email, answered the 3 questions where it said to answer and return then they’d send the return label. That was well over a week ago. No return label was ever sent.
Anybody have any advice for me? Seems like it shouldn’t be this hard to get some real Customer Service.

Hi kellidb00 I’m having the same problem. Tried to work it out with customer service. Said an RMA will be issued, Sent another eMail and reply asked to wait another 28-72 hours but a week later, still no RMA. Try contesting the charge at our CC company.

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You should both post your support ticket numbers.
@WyzeGwendolyn or @WyzeDongsheng may be able to help you.


Thanks for tagging me in,!

@kellidb00 and @dr.know, we apologize for the delay. May I please have your support ticket numbers so I can look into what happened?


Wyze Ticket 730654

Thanks for looking into this.

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Hi Gwendolyn Received RMA and USPS Prepaid Label from Jonathan (Wyze) last night. The package is on its way to Wyze Labs. Posted 2020-0826 at 0910 AM.

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Hi Gwendolyn,
Hope is OK to refer customers in need of RMA to you. I hate to see them suffer and hope you have a generous heart. Liking cats can’t be bad.

Thanks your attention,

Just use the tag @WyzeGwendolyn .


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@dr.know, I love when people tag me into areas where I can do some good! Please feel welcome to use the @WyzeGwendolyn tag for these cases. And yes, cats are fantastic. I have one on my lap as I type. :slight_smile:

@kellidb00, I see that the ticket number you gave me was merged into another ticket today but I can’t see that other ticket. However, I’m assuming that you were speaking with support today since they interacted with your ticket.

@iwontbackdown, thanks! I sent you a reply through our support system and then sent your ticket number to the team.

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You get the Wyze team ‘Angel Award’ for exceptional Customer Service.
Continue to keep the customers almost happy as your cat, I’m sure.
Thank you,
The Doc


I promise to do my best! :grin:

I love my communities and I love having the opportunity to help make a positive experience for folks.


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@wyzegwendolyn Can you help me with another thing that happened today regarding billing/coupon code for being an Earlybird V3 orderer? Please?

She will probably need a ticket number if you have one.

And I get a ticket # by calling support? Was dreading doing that.

Yes you have to at least try to resolve it using the support options. You could try going through the app support gauntlet but calling would be easier. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yea, thank you.