Order Scam

I order a 50 count package of face masks through Wyzr and received a tracking number that is unknown to shipping company. Did I just loose my money on a Wyze scam?

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Welcome to the Wyze forum ksociates1. It’s not a scam. My masks order just left FedEx today and is on the way. Maybe you got a botched tracking number? If you still have a problem tracking tomorrow, you should contact support to check on your order status.

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Occasionally when I create FedEx labels for work, they show up as unknown for a while also.


hello ksociates1,
I have been buying ( cameras) from Wyze for 2 years. they are not “scammers”. they actually had very responsive customer support till they got distracted offering masks

do you mind if I asked how did you hear about Wyze?

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Did you use this address for tracking your order?
It worked for me.

I bought the Wyze plugs from a hardware store. When I got the app I saw the masks. Now only one of the plugs will connect and I got a bogus tracking number for the masks. Glad you’re experiencing better service. I don’t thing I’ll be a continued Wyze customer. They’re not there when I need them.

Thanks for the hood news for yourself though.

I did try to contact support which is how I ended on the message board. There isn’t a support department as they have said.

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Welcome to the community, @ksociates1. How did you attempt to contact support, through the app, or via the support page on the website? Also, they have been getting slammed the last few days with requests, so your experience is probably affected by that.

So when I use the link it now says delivery on 4/30/20 which is far more that the 3-4 days delivery advertised on the website. I placed the order last saturday. I know they got my money so I guess I’ll just have to wait to see if I hot robbed.

Thanks for the light at the end of the tunnel. I think I hear a train coming…

It’s not just you and Wyze, the world is a few days behind schedule.


The world is a few weeks behind schedule. Imagine being a customer service rep these days. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You’ll get your stuff. Chill out and relax. Shipping is not the way it was before the virus. Think about it, what you ordered is in high demand. You’re not the only one that has ordered the same thing. Even my company is experiencing longer than usual shipping times and our equipment is in a completely different field.

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Hum …just asking…??
How long r these disponsible mask r good for ?
4 hours or what ?

Thanks Wyze forum members…?.??

your opinion matters!

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It depends on the environment you use them in. As standard non N95 masks, they will not block out all bacteria alone.
In an non medical office space without uncovered sneezing and coughing you can expect 6-8 hours but no more.

In a warehouse you are looking at 3-5 again depending on proximity to possible contaminants including open doors and windows.

In mass transit I would double mask and with that you might get 4 hours tops.

If you are going to wear a mask you should also wear non latex gloves. Change your gloves every hour no matter what.

Bleach will kill the virus but please dilute with water. Two tea spoons of bleach to one gallon of water. Use a spray bottle so you concentration is always the same every spray. Use paper towels to clean the surface but allow surface to air dry. To not hand dry.

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what are you getting those figures from?

to gku2:
the wyze forum is where hobbyists discuss topics about their hobby : using $ 19.99 cameras & other gadgets

it’s not where you get medical advice about $1 .50 disposable masks

please explain to us: what happens in the scenario where you get infected? do you live / work with/ other wise come in contact with vulnerable / elderly ppl?
the answer to that question will help you decide on how much to spend on a mask

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Thank you for the community advice. However, if you look closer, I was answering a question directed to me about how long is a mask viable. Answering your that questions would go against your advice that this not being a place for medical advice. So, do you want to always have your cake or do you want to eat it? Can’t do both.

Enjoy your day.

The question wasn’t necessarily directed at anyone, just general.

Thanks for the added info …

These mask are not rated N95.
Thus, it will do little to keep one from contracting Covid - 19.

But from what I understand will help contain the spread of if one is already infected and or asymptomatic.
If one must go out into the general public …Social Distancing is by far the first priority, then a mask and gloves.

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Gloves really don’t do much other than make people feel like they are being proactive. Hand washing is more important that gloves.
I see people wearing gloves all day, why? If you touch the virus then your face what difference do gloves make? :slight_smile:

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Yes …washing hand for 20 or more seconds and not touching your face with or without gloves is always a good habit. For me the gloves help me before going back into my truck I take them off. No sink to be found in my truck and waterless hand sanitizer are not available where I’m at…sadly.

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