Time Lapse didn't record?

Hello, I set up a time lapse on 5 (three v3pro’s and two v3’s) of my cams to record from 7am to 5pm with a 10 sec interval this morning and it appears NONE of them recorded anything.

I did notice when I look at the recording timeline (I have them all continuously recording) that there are a few breaks in the recording, Could this cause the timelapse to fail the entire recording?

All of my cams seem to have breaks in the recordings too. My router seems fine, nothing else has had problems connecting to the internet…

Not sure if the lack of video recording on the timeline can affect the Timelapse, but those files are saved in a different spot on the SD card from the recorded video. Do you know what caused the stoppage in recording continuous video?

Was there no Timelapse icon in the Album for any of the cams? Did clicking it do nothing?

We’re there no pics in the Timelapse folder on the SD card?

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I haven’t a clue unfortunately. I have two floodlights with the v3 that comes with it, and a v3pro connected via the USB outlet. It should have had constant power, but can’t verify that. The wifi bars show 2 of 3. I do get frequent error 90’s when viewing the live feed (i’ve been told, and verified that it is still recording even when not connected to the wifi) So I’m at a loss as to why it would stop recording randomly. Seems to be right at the start of a new minute too (if that makes sense?) the break is anywhere from 2-4 minutes total.

No timelapse in the album. and I’m not able to pull the card on the floodlight because we just had concrete poured and its about 12 feet above the fresh driveway.

I did have one v3pro accessible. the timelapse WAS in there, but it was incomplete. It stopped short about 4 hours before it was supposed to. When I checked the regular recording footage (all the 1 minute clips) it appears where the timelapse stopped, was a corrupted file. The file wouldn’t play, and there was a missing minute after the corrupted file as well.

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My first suspicion would be the SD Card. But for it to happen on all 5 cams? That is irregular.

I have recently had a similar experience on two V3‘s that I was trying to run time lapses on.
To make a long story short, it turned out to be a power outage that caused the cameras to restart.
Embarrassingly enough it was caused by power cycling the cameras using a smart plug on a schedule which I had forgotten about.
Any sort of restart or reboot apparently will cause time lapses to just vanish.
In my case, I had the same type of interruption in recording on the SD card - gaps in the recording timeline.
Hope this helps.


I just had a normal scheduled rule to soft reset the camera at night that killed a long time lapse I started. Next night disabled the soft reset rule and no issues.


Lucky me - I had both scheduled and just forgotten about them. So two days back to back I had set up time lapses, but then no time-lapse.
Almost went the support route…::scream::grimacing:


I was thinking the same thing after glancing through the footage. I started writing down when the interruptions occurred, but they were all at different times. I have 2 floodlights (4 cameras total) on the same breaker. If there was a power loss, wouldn’t they all restart at around the same time?

Also, I don’t have any rule that restarts the cameras at a certain time.