Timelapse - where is the footage?

Brand new user here, no idea what I’m doing.

I started a timelapse at 5pm and it finished at 8am. Camera was powered on the whole night, still on when I checked in the morning.

In the “album” there are no files whatsoever (timelapse or otherwise) and in the SD card I can only find video files 01, 02, 03 etc from the actual recording. I can use the “View Playback” function to see the video from 5pm to 8am, but there’s no timelapse.

What is the camera supposed to do with timelapse videos?


If it all worked correctly, it should show up as available for download in the “album” on that camera. I see you looked on the card in a computer, but it looks like you looked in the recorded footage, did you look in the timelapse folder? Are you connected to the same wifi as the camera when looking in the album?

There is nothing at all in the “album,” and the time_lapse folder just has one .SETUP file.

I just did another one for 15min and left the timelapse screen open the whole time. It said “Time Lapse is set to end at ” then, when that time passed, it showed me the settings again as if it had finished. Still NOTHING in the album.

A related question - what happens if I’m recording a 30-day timelapse and the power cuts out on day 29? Does the camera save the timelapse, or do you lose the entire thing?

I had V2, V3, and V4 fixed-view cameras sitting side-by-side taking time lapses of the eclipse 10 days ago. The V2 and V3 recorded their time lapses, but the V4 did not. I haven’t had time to test and troubleshoot to see if the V4 has an issue. What model camera are you using?

I’m using a V3