Time lapse can't download videos

Using an android here (S9) with Wyze vesion 2.4.24 and experiencing timelapse recording issues.

I’ve tried multiple times, I record a timelapse video
At the end, the video shows up in the Gallery, but when I click the download button it shows 0% for about 1 second, then a quick message of “file does not exist”

Anyone else experience this?
I assumed initially its because I wasn’t on my own network, but now I am.
Next step is to remove the SD card and see if the file is there, but where it is mounted pretty high I’d rather see if anyone else experienced this first and what they did to resolve etc.

Any input is appreciated

Yes, there have been several discussions about this. The “file doesn’t exist” is a bug in the firmware they hope to fix soon. In the meantime, you only choice is to pull the card and read it with a computer, I’m afraid. The file is there.

I’ve done them very recently, and had no problems. But I don’t do very big files, and I’ve read that this is some of the issue with them. Can’t say, but can test.

Rick, are you on Beta?

I am at the moment. I just set another one to run, but can’t check until after work.

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Well at least we have the ability to take it from the SD card, I just really don’t want to go un mounting my camera and removing it from its housing … lol

I wonder how easy it is to get on the beta instead

Well, if the fix is in the beta software then it might take a half hour to sign up & install the beta app(s) & firmware. And then you have the possibility of Beta bugs as those new routines are developed.

Getting the beta app is as easy as going into Google Play, selecting the Wyze app, and taping Join at the bottom where it talks about beta.

Just did this!

I always thought it was a select group that was allowed to Beta. I’d love to provide input and feedback given how much I’ve invested in, and love, Wyze!

I’ll post an update here if it works for others to know once I get a chance to download it.

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I’m running Beta and have cameras running:
Firmware - TL does not work for even short sequences
Firmware - TL works for up to a file size of about 500MB

With Firmware ?something?.28 I was able to do time lapses of about 1+GB.

/edit - and it will probably be a firmware update

Wyze cam android software version 2.4.51
Wyze cam firmware version

Timelapse doesn’t work at all
It’ll record, but will not download any file size. Just says “File not found”

Not my experience

But I may have NOT exited the time lapse while it was running.

As reported elsewhere:

Once again I’m doing time lapse and creating big files.
For example time lapse for 24 hours w/ a 10 second frame spacing creating a file of about 1 GB.
Twice I’ve run the process several times only to have it just create “small” .h264 files.
But I kept deleting the small .h264 files and trying again until finally a playable .mp4 of about 1 GB was created.
I’d really like some insight on what the important parameters are that cause the process to “bomb” sometimes but not other times using the same base files. Can it be network speed?