Time lapse and V2's. File does not exist

So… Has anybody else having issues with the V2 time lapse?
I have two that have video on the SD cards but when I try to use the app and play them it says file does not exist. I have asked before and beta users said revert to a previous app version, well I am not beta I have the full app. No way to go back without having to flash with a previous version. I have customer service working on it I think? Haven’t herd back since send them info they requested.
Some times I get "camera needs to be on the same network as my phone, which is weird. When I check every thing it is connected to my home network. Funny thing, when I pull the card and check on my laptop everything is perfect. My pancam works no prob, all the same SD cards to a tee. Just throwing it out there and seeing what I catch. Thanks!

I believe the next public release will have a fix for the ‘file not found’ error. The ‘same network’ error, not sure. That one may extend as far as you have to be on the same 2.4 GHz branch of your network. My feeling is they shouldn’t even be checking for this sort of thing – you will know if the download is taking to long.

You already figured out how to get around both, put the SD card it in a computer.

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