File in V3 album does not exist

Scheduled and ran a Time lapse video on my V3 which shows up as a video in the album. When attempting to view the video, it appears to start a download which does not get beyond 0% completion, and then an error message is presented, "file does not exist.” How can a file that is shown in the album not exist?

sometimes the camera may be having trouble reading from the sd card where the time-lapse is kept. so it knows it’s there but is unable to read the full file for download.

O would restart the camera in the app ( go into that cameras individual cameras view, → settings gear in the top right-> scroll to the bottom and restart the camera and see if it can download in a couple minutes after the camera has restarted.) that has worked for me sometimes in the past. not sure why…not sure if it’s an incomplete write or something.

secondly. what sd card are you using?

Thank you for your reply! I found others who suggested that, after opening the album, to just wait a few minutes before trying to view the time lapse video. I did this and it worked for me.