Time lapse does not exist on all camera versions

Video will save but still not play

send in a dev log through the account page. include your phone model, and all relevant information such as version of android or IOS and anything else you might deem relevant. I believe Wyze is working on this as I type.

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Ok just did that… Hopeful for a fix

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right on, for now I’ve heard (as a temp fix to get your videos) you can put the sd card in a computer and get the file that way. im not sure where the error would be to cause a failure to download even though the file is there. but just go you get your video, try that.

I have the same problem. Any thoughts about the fix?

make sure you are sending the Dev’s logs so they can find the issue. the more logs they get the easier it is to find common denominator

STILL have issues with my V2 cameras not letting me access saved Timelapse videos… Get the message “time lapse video does not exist” when it should start downloading the video…

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the temp fix right now is to pull the sd card, and find the file on your computer.