Thumbnail Show only showing on one camera

When I click on my V3 for thumbnail show it says no recent events for the last 24 hrs. This is an active office and there’s a 100 events listed. Is there a setting I missed? My pan v3 shows the thumbnail view fine.

Thanks in advance for any info.

  • Derek

First, welcome to the community, Derek.

Does your V3 have a Cam Plus license on it with Person Detections, etc turned on?
I think the Thumbnail preview only shows thumbnails for AI object detections and ignores all events listed as “motion” only or sound detections.

I am not sure if Cam Plus Lite person detections count. This would be something someone could check.

Some users w\ CPL have been reporting that their Slideshow is populating all events although the documentation states it is a Cam Plus feature. It looks like the Timeline is restricted behind the paywall so the 12s videos won’t play.

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Thank you and yes, I have Cam Plus for the 2 cameras in the account. It’s weird though even though I get constant cloud recordings, I always get banner pops in the iOS app for Cam plus discounts. My account is good through 2/24. I’ll have to compare my settings between the camera that has the thumbnail show working.


I experienced an issue with only select V3 cams doing this as well but it has since subsided. Others are reporting the same with select V3 cams as well.

Since this is a new feature, I think Wyze is still ironing out all the wrinkles. There are several posts about it in this thread and others.

Still working as I described earlier on 8 v2s, all the thumbnail icons are ‘motion’, even for those vids tagged Person.

Firmware is one version back at, Android app v

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