V3 Pro Notification Thumbnail Not Showing

Unsure if anyone else is having this issue, but thought I would inquire. I have already contacted support and went through a bunch of troubleshooting and nothing resolved it. They even sent me a new camera and still having the issue.

So the issue, just like the title states, I don’t get a thumbnail of the event in my notification tray on Android for the v3 Pro. I have Cam Plus and it works on all of my other v2 and v3 cameras. In fact, it works on my other v3 Pro, since I bought a 2 pack. But that other camera isn’t used as much, so maybe I just don’t notice it. The alert will just say “Person detected on $camera at $time. Check out the event video”. With a black and white icon, vs it being the usual Wyze teal color and showing the actual thumbnail of the event for everything else.

I’ve tried playing with all sorts of event detection and notification settings and nothing seems to fix it. Even going just straight motion detection, no AI/smart detection, doesn’t change it. Now here is the strange thing, it doesn’t happen always. Probably 8 out of 10 times. Or maybe even more. But every once in a while I’ll get a proper notification with the right color and thumbnail and then I think it has fixed itself and then it will revert. And I’ve noticed if I check the events for the camera, the thumbnail sometimes is missing there too, but not always. I’m hoping it’s just a firmware issue, but I made sure to upgrade to the latest version that just came out a few days ago and that didn’t resolve.

Sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing with this.

I too am experiencing the issue and have reached out to Wyze on this. They are aware and currently working on a solution.

Any Logs and Tickets can potentially benefit in the resolution

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Glad to hear it’s not just me then. I did provide logs from the app and screenshots to the person I was working with at support. I also did respond back to them this morning to inform them that the new camera didn’t work.

I’m hoping it’s just an app/firmware issue, since the tagging works really well and it’s very responsive. I had issues with the v3 and even v2 with how slow it was to notify and not always picking up people/vehicles, etc, like a lot of other people did. So far these cameras have just about fixed those issues, but have added their own wrinkle into the mix :slight_smile:

Can you provide me the logs here as well, I will pass it on in the event it is not the same person.


I just sent the logs via the app. I can do so again and use your agent name if you want. I don’t have a physical copy of the logs or anything. Let me know.

Can you add the Log Number here? Then the individual I am working with can look it up and get it

Sure, I have 2 now. 849006 and 855725. 2 different cameras with the same issues. And I asked support if there seems to be issues with other cameras that they’ve heard of and I’m just getting canned responses back now via email. So think I’ve reached a dead end there.

Thanks, forwarding this on

i have the same issue, sometimes i get thumbnail, other times no. i wish they also had thumbnails in android in the dropdown notification area, like nest cams do.

I accidentally deleted my V3 Pro and after I reset it up I was getting no thumbnails , tried a couple things and it still would not show thumbnails, I deleted the camera again, I took out the SD card , then did a factory reset and set the camera up again, thumbnails were then showing up as they should , I put the SD card back in, No change, thumbnails Still working.
I don’t know if this is the only fix but it worked for me

My Thumbnails are working on the V3Pro as expected. After the last AI Update, I ended up doing the following:

NOTE: Clearing Cache will remove the Camera Thumbnails from the Device Page. They will come back when you Live Stream again.

  • Start the Live Stream of a V3Pro
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Notifications
  • Uncheck all selections ending with the primary notification toggle
  • Go to Event Recordings
  • Uncheck all selections ending with the primary Event Recording toggle
  • Back out to Main Screen
  • Go To Account
  • Go To Services
  • Remove the V3Pro of Cam Plus or other Services
  • Back out to main Account menu
  • Go to App Settings
  • Clear Cache
  • Shut Down App (No Need to log out)
  • IF ANDROID : Long Press the App Icon and Choose App Info. Do a Force Stop, then go to Storage and Cache and Clear the Cache there as well
  • Restart the Phone or Tablet
  • Start the App
  • Add Camera back to Cam Plus
  • Go back to main page and Live stream the Camera
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Event Recording and turn off all settings, ending in the Main Event Recording toggle. (Needed to make sure things are set appropriately)
  • Back out to the Camera Live Stream
  • Now go back to Settings
  • Go to Event Recording and Turn on the Main Event Recording Toggle, followed by all settings you would like. Note: I set All Motion and Smart AI that I am interested in. This will ensure all is recorded and the Events will be available
  • Go to Notifications and turn on the Main Notification Toggle followed by all of the items you would like to be notified of. Note: I set mine to Pet / Person / and Package where appropriate
  • Back out to the Main Live Stream page

At this point, you should be ok for Notifications and Thumbnails.


Ok :smiley:
I did restart my phone before I set the camera back up don’t know if that made any difference, the camera was easily accessible so it was easy to do what I did

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Should be ok. The steps I provided are what helped me.



Can you let me know what your Event Recording Settings are and your Notification Settings?

I will do screen shots of mine and put them here

Here are my settings

Event Recordings


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way too much work, i will wait for bug fix. now i sometimes get thumbnails, sometimes i dont. i also get a double notification for the same event, thats another bug.

The Notifications are being looked at currently.

There are a lot of steps but it really only takes mere minutes. If it works for you, then that would be a benefit. If it does not then Wyze can see what else is going on.

Note: The issue may be related to the Wyze AI Server Process as it relates to the V3Pro. I know they have been looking into it. If the issue is server side, then the fix will not be Firmware related.

Maybe my event recording setting is why I can’t turn off other motion evens

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here’s the double notification issue

I turned on all motion events an event recording Now I am able to turn off other motion events in notifications

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Yea, you are correct. Turn on All Motion in Event Recording, then you can turn off the Notification for All Motion. After you do that, go back to Event Recording and either leave it on, as I do, or turn it off.

On event Recording you can Have All Motion on and Set the Smart AI as well. This will allow for all recordings and tagging. On Notifications, you can turn off All Motion and only get AI notifications. It will reduce a lot of the noise.


OOPS - Just saw your other post. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I know Wyze is working on the Notification Issues, especially the no Image with a notification.

I will pass on the Double notification issue here. and link to this post.

Question, out of curiosity. Why do you want to be notified of all the motion? Why not select a specific AI or multiple AI’s to be notified of. Just trying to get a better understanding.