Thread size for Wyze Cam Pan mount

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Quick unrelated question if anyone knows: the threading on the bottom of the Pan, could I potentially find a bolt or something with that thread? Thinking about making a ceiling mount myself. Instead of purchasing the mounting kit.

The threads on the Wyze Cam Pan mount are standard US 1/4-20. (That’s 1/4 inch, 20 threads per inch.) Any standard 1/4-20 bolt should fit.


And it’s a standard commercial camera mount thread, so any camera mounts you find with that thread should work (tripod, window mount, etc).


Hello venum400
Two simple horizontal ceiling mounts:

  1. Plate Method: Obtain a 2"x2" square piece of sheet metal. You could cut one out of a steel cover plate for an electrical junction box with a hack saw. Then drill and countersink a hole in the center of the 2"x2" plate and screw it to the ceiling with a No. 6 Flathead wood screw. Use command tape to secure the up-side-down pan cam to the screwed plate. No bolt needed.

  2. Stud-only method-assuming you are mounting on a wood surface: Obtain a 1/4x20 machine screw with at least 1" of thread, Saw off 1" length of the threaded part with a hack saw. This 1" length is going to be the mounting stud. With an electric drill make a 7/32" dia hole vertically into the ceiling where the pan cam is to be mounted 7/8" deep. Remove the 7/32" drill bit from drill motor and place 1/4" of the uncut end of the stud into the electric drill. 1/4" only and very tight. The drill motor will be used to install the 1/4" x 20 stud into the predrilled 7/32" hole. To make screwing the stud into the hole easier turn on the drill to spin the stud while filing off a 1/32" or larger chamfer around the saw cut edge of the stud. Install the stud by slowly spinning the stud into the predrilled hole in the ceiling. If the stud doesn’t want to go in apply some liquid dish soap or oil to the inside of the ceiling hole with a tooth-pick. After the stud is screwed in as far as it will go remove the drill motor. There should be 1/4" of stud exposed to mount the pan cam upside-down. If the stud is too long to allow a snug fit in the desired aiming direction cut out some paper or cardboard shimming washers and use as needed.
    Victor Maletic


  1. Many prefab available such as
  1. Hanger bolts such as

To install the hanger bolt, lock two 1/4-20 nuts together on the shaft and turn with a wrench, unlocking them (with two wrenches) when done. Or get a version of the hanger bolt with a small hex area between the two thread types.

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