This New "app" widget is a big disappointment

So it shows a link to a camera on your front page via the widget. Big whoop!

Seems like I should see a small live image of that camera view.

Just to clarify and make sure I understand, it sounds like you are asking for the widget to stream a live video feed of the camera 24/7 to the phone, including when the phone is using mobile data (not WiFi), is that correct?

A wishlist request could be made for that. Usually the camera live view is peer to peer, so it wouldn’t really place a strain on Wyze other than the initial authentication…but I am thinking they won’t implement it due to the strain it may put on users’ phone resources, slowing phones down (processor, RAM, etc being constantly used) and reducing battery life significantly, as well as possibly incur data overage charges if a user doesn’t have unlimited data, and some who do have unlimited may be on a system that is technically unlimited, but gets throttled after it goes above so many GB in a month. For those reasons, I don’t think Wyze will highly consider implementing a wishlist for a live continual camera view on the phone through a widget. But since it wouldn’t significantly strain their own resources, they could consider it.

What does currently exist and may be helpful as a sort of workaround for now though…would be to use the Widget called “Event” or “Event List” since both of those will actually show a recent event from the camera(s) including a thumbnail. I strongly recommend the Events List widget since you can scroll through several of the most recent events and easily update it on command.

Doing the above will allow seeing at a glance what most recently caused movement on the camera(s). That is pretty close to live viewing, as it will show the most recent movement and if there has been no movement since then, there will be no need to view a current thumbnail if there is no motion. This solution will ensure a person is always able to view the most recent thumbnail of the most recent events. It’s not a constant 24/7 live stream that could use astronomical amounts of data every month, but it will ensure anyone will have access to the most recent thumbnails that included motion on any of the cams, so it could be a good close solution for lots of people. I have it on my phone at the moment.

Hopefully that will be helpful for some people for now if a current image/thumbnail of what the camera most recently saw is what is desired.