This looks legitimate :)

@peepeep Be a buddy and check my Chase Bank account. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I checked it for you and removed all funds for your protection. :rofl:


Ill send the boys :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: over in a Semi truck to pick up the funds. :grin:

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Sounds good! :+1: Mind if I use some of the funds for marshmallows? Theyre going to be hungry when they get here and marshmallows are tastier and more nutritious than funny green paper.

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Thanks for the reminder, Im out of marshmallows. :astonished:

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I know two intelligent people who were phished, hooked and reeled in this year. None before that.

Does this suggest were getting dummer? Or at least more reflexive/flusterable?

Both anglers were boys, both fish, girls.

Would the girls have been as vulnerable to phisher-women?

I think girls would be better Phishers because they have better bait and face it, Boys are boys.

My wife almost got scammed 2 days ago. She came running upstairs with her phone in hand saying we needed to go to Target right now and get $500 in gift cards to settle a PayPal issue that someone bought an iPhone with her PayPal account. This all started with an email from PayPal (not) with a phone number to call, The Indian dude showed her his (?) bank statement and said if she didnt get the money back to him that he could lose his job and its Christmas and he has a newborn and he was literally sobbing. This is all happening as we are going to Target to buy the gift cards. I was fuming, knowing it was a scam but she told me to shut up because he is going to lose his job. We got the money from the ATM and are heading to Target all the while yelling at each other. I called my older son who she listened to. We turned around and deposited the cash back in the account. Now she is upset that she could be so gullible. I told her these guys are GOOD and tug at your heartstrings as a woman. This was a learning experience. I can see how elderly people get suckered in.

Just a month ago she got an email from Mcafee about her subscription being auto-renewed for hundreds of dollars and to call a number to cancel the subscription if we wanted to. We dont have Mcafee. I walked by her office and picked up on the conversation. He had her downloading a file to the PC. I stepped in and hung upon him and shut the PC down.

I was hoping that would open her eyes, but the PayPal scam almost got her. If I hadnt insisted on going we would have been out $500.00


  1. She was told to stay on the phone and not tell anyone because he could lose his job

  2. Need to get gift cards ONLY from Target

  3. There was a sense of urgency

My son and I had a talk with her about email scams. Had to tell her they can copy peoples voices and call and say they are in trouble and need cash to get out of jail. All AI needs is a sample of the persons speech.

An 86 year old guy I play golf with almost lost $9000 to the Your grandson is in jail and you need to pay to save him scam. He got the money and was ready to send it until he told his eldest son who put a quick stop to it.
My wife is just the opposite, she thinks everything is a scam because all our home land line phone gets is the never ending messages about getting sent to jail if you dont pay for (You name it), or the ever great This is the IRS you are going to jail or this is "MIcrosoft " and you Windows programs will be stopped if you dont pay.
I get other text like the one I posted this morning from other Banks that I dont even have any money or accounts in. Scamming is an easy business.

Better bait, indeed. :slight_smile:

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