Wyze Lied Again!

I received an email from Wyze about their Friendsgiving Rewards Certificate program. They claim I gave out my code and my friends used it, which isn’t true. I never gave out my code to anyone! Wyze why do you guys have to keep making things up?!

Are you talking about the 10% off coupon?

The purpose of that was to share it with friends. In fact you got a bonus for each person who used your specific code.

The email sent tonight included a new code that was your bonus (up to $50 off - depending on how many times your coupon was used)

I believe what @Resist is saying is that he never gave his original code to anyone, therefore it never got used yet he still received a reward for people using it.


It just seems odd that someone would complain about getting free money…


I don’t think @Resist is complaining about free money it seems as though they are complaining about errors

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Exactly, I’m not complaining about getting free money, My complaint is about the lie that I gave my code to people, when I didn’t. It tells me something about a company that makes things up. Lets not forget that Wyze also said Person Detection was also going to be free and that ended up being a lie too.

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What was the wording? Perhaps it was just a generic mailing and not a mistake about your individual account / code…

Or your code really was used. I have no idea how “random” those codes are (I’ve never seen one). but for example, it your code was 123456 and the next valid code number was 123459, that is an easy typo if using the numeric keypad on a computer. I would assume that the codes are a little more random than that, but you should get the idea.
I have zero belief that Wyze outright fabricated a story about your code being used. I’m sure it actually did get used - most likely in error on somebodies (not Wyze) part.

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Just curious, how big was the reward they sent you?

Do you have your coupon code handy? I could use that or the email address you use for your Wyze account to look this up. I checked with the team and they didn’t send it out to everyone that had a code (about 1/12th of code recipients qualified for the follow-up email saying that they received a coupon).

A lot of the codes looked very similar so it could have been a typo when someone else made a purchase or it could have been a bad data thing. I’d be happy to verify that for you!


I have no idea what my coupon code was because I deleted the email, as I wasn’t going to participate in that program.

with a name like “Resist”, you must be angry about alot in the world. If you were never even going to use the program, what the heck do you care if someone made a typo and you benefited from it??? And, if someone DID make the mistake of putting in the wrong coupon code, why do you automatically go to “WYZE LIED AGAIN!!!”??? instead of considering that no one really is at fault here… God, people are just LOOKING for crap to be pissed about these days! Everytime something positive happens, they gotta find SOMETHING negative about it and yell it from the rooftops. sad…


Maybe - and I’m just spitballing here - maybe next time you should first ask Wyze about what you observed, and see if maybe there’s a reasonable explanation (as others have posited here) for what happened.

Then, you can accuse them of lying, once you have, y’know, solid evidence that they, y’know, lied.

Oh my goodness! Good to see Wyze employees actually read and respond sometimes. :+1::grin:

Seriously? I care because I don’t like it when a company says I did something when I didn’t. And because Wyze seems to be making things up often.

Many of your posts are against everything Wyze, so I suspect people wonder why you spend so much time here, I guess. You got a reward for people using your share code. Nice.

Look, I’m not a blind follower of any brand. When a company makes a great product I let them know, likewise if they screws thing up speak on it. I’ve recommended Wyze cameras to many of my friends and family, have even given them as gifts. But it’s their software that is the weak point as well as their customer support. I shouldn’t have to wait 8 days to get a reply on a trouble ticket. And the reply certainly shouldn’t be a pre made response to try things I had told that I already did. Their customer support used to be much better, until they started popping out more and more products. Clearly their goal is to show a huge revenue stream to sell the company, I’ve seen this sort of thing many times in the past. Then the new owner will raise the price points and that will be the end of the $20 camera.

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Wyze is transitioning between email tickets and live support, and covering calls is taking a majority of their time. You should just contact Wyze Support directly at +1 (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT, & Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT (add 3 hours for ET times).

Fake news!

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Wyze has always been going between email tickets and live support. Maybe they should hire more support staff then if they can’t keep up because it’s only going to get worse as they release more and more new products.