WYZE support tried to help with Cplus upgrade

Here is an email I got later, from what was supposed to be a support person upgrading me to cam plus like I was supposed to be but the auto upgrade failed.


Thank you for your patience while we are looking into this. My team did try to add the Cam Plus for you but was unable because the charge did not go through.

I do apologize that we were not able to complete this for you. My team was able to provide a coupon code for you to enter when you sign up online " cpt1-009o1dmc5r ". This coupon will make your price just 1.49 for each camera that is added.

When you go online to Wyze.com you will click the services tab you should see cam plus open up and at the top, you will see "Have a Code? clicking this will ask you to login this will be the same as your account login. Following this you will see “Redeem a Code” after entering the code provided above you will get to select the number of cameras you would like to add.

If there is anything else we can do for you or if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Ashlee | Wyze Wizard

I am also worried that she gave me a more targeted “code” instead of just stating the 20% off code is going on right now. Why would they need to give me a code that flags my account.

I don’t feel safe with any company actually, given privacy theft is the latest game to be king.

Thanks for posting and sorry about this trouble! Would you feel comfortable giving me your support ticket number so I can have the web team look into what happened with your upgrade?

The support team was provided with specific codes to help people that reach out. We use individual codes for individual cases so that they can’t be copied and shared online. I’ll talk to them about discussing codes that give bigger discounts if they exist separate from these ones. I suspect that this was an SOP that was written to be more general since the EBIRD code won’t be available for very long.

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Thank you for trying to help, I feel very “video” (on their servers) vulnerable when a company can’t keep to their word and I seemingly get targeted by support multiple times now for oppression. I went from 6 in line to 32 within a second after waiting for a little while this time. It seems they can’t literally be truthful with me and just state, “we can’t but not unwilling to upgrade your acct as promised”.
#s are as follows
699940 : 700013 : 700031
700910 : 699964 : 701969
706697 : 706715 : 706735
Take your pick

Hello again,
Jason finally cleared up what was going on, 2 things: 1. support never advised my that when I read the message stating I was refunded CMC and getting CP for a year for no additional cost, that it actually meant I was to be charged at CMC pricing and the no additional cost meant the extra .50 a month (I kept talking to support asking why my CP wasn’t applied, but they didn’t know my Credit card has expired early), 2. since they didn’t know the credit card had expired and I wasn’t corrected that I was to get further charges for the year, neither of us would understand that the bad card held up my CP upgrade.

Now, I tried to use EBIRD for 3 cams, got it to work but in a craze to fix things, it cancelled and upgraded me multiple times…

apparently my account is now stuck at 3 CP subscriptions at 11 a yearly but it will cancel all of them tomorrow when the accounting server is back in play.

It cancelled last because I was trying to make 4 subscriptions at $11 yearly, and request that you ensure I have 3-4 subscriptions for CP at $11 yearly. My CC is updated.

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Oh, goodness. Yeah, I can certainly understand why this was confusing and frustrating! I’m glad that Jason was able to help get things untangled. Thank you for taking the time to update me! :slight_smile:

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