Name Your Price....Lie!

So, Wyze wants to be our friend and told us that person detection would be free, and now they want us to pay for it. They sent me an email saying I could name my price, yet they don’t let you go any lower than $1, this is hardly “name your price”!

Wyze is not my friend and they need to stop acting like they are. Obviously they couldn’t sustain giving us things services for free but then maybe they shouldn’t have popped off about it first. They couldn’t do simple math to know it wouldn’t work forever, that they had to hire a finance person…seriously?

There customer service has gone downhill because they keep making more and more products, instead of fixing what they have. I have no doubt their big plan is to sell the company, probably within 5 years and then it will be even worse. Time to look for a different platform.

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You can go lower than a $1. Use the Custom Amount button and name your price.


I tried the Custom Amount and it didn’t work. I went back and tried it again, and finally got it to work.


So apparently it wasn’t a lie, just pilot error. When are the negative threads gonna stop? Smh


Actually no it was not pilot error. It just wouldn’t take anything less than $1 the first time I tried it.

the default for most cc processors is 1.00. min, its a system wide default/ As it costs them probably 33 cents a transaction its not worth it todo anything under a 1.00. If you really wanna donate less than 1.00 I would suggest sending them a check or ACH Transfer of the amount you wanna donate.


Yeah, depending on the payment method, anything under $1 really screws things up for Wyze in that, the transaction fee could be higher than what the customer wants to pay so it would be a net loss for Wyze.

It is better to use $0 than something under $1.


Absolutely right on. I couldn’t agree more. The beggars will no longer accept emails to right in the middle of a conversation chain trying to solve a couple of issues I am having getting consistency with “person” /“motion“ identification.

I’ve submitted numerous support tickets and Wyze won’t respond. And this is why I’ve said for a long time that they need to stop making new products, because they can’t even support the current products. All they are doing it trying to up their revenue numbers to sell the company and get out. All their talk about us being their friends, what a joke!