Thermostat won't connect to Alexa

Hello all,
I’ve added the Alexa Wyze skill, given it permission, and when I search for devices, Alexa tells me there are no new devices. Any other tips or tricks that anyone can suggest?

When I installed my thermostat it was added within a few seconds automatically. So if you did a discovery a few minutes later it would say that no new devices were found. Go to “Devices” on Alexa and then click on "Thermostats at the top of the screen. It should list the available thermostats. Mine was listed with a long string of characters as the name, that didn’t match the name I put into the system. You can then change the name in Alexa, or go back into Wyze and update the name and it will change. If it’s still not showing up, not sure what the issue may be.

Same problem here… Any update?

My thermostat appeared in my Alexa device feed the next day. When I opened Alexa on my iPhone it showed that there was a new device, and it was there. I guess I just didn’t wait long enough.

Unlink and re link wyze to alexa and will discover it. Worked for me

My thermostat worked great for a week, then the icon showed up that said it wasn’t connected to the Internet on my Wyze App on the phone. Verified Wifi was working and could still control the thermostat from my phone, but it won’t connect to the Internet or Alexa. Had to do a hard reset on the Thermostat to get it back. Noticed that the the thermostat picked a new IP address when coming back on line. Was using DHCP on my router for the thermostat, and the IP address wasn’t changing… Also the thermostat has 3 bars of Wifi since it is less than 15 feet from the Mesh Router. So Wifi connectivity shouldn’t be an issue. This week the same problem with Wifi working fine, but no connection to the Internet per the Wyze App and Alexa not connecting. Did another hard reset of the thermostat to get it back. Have now statically mapped (reserved) the IP address on my router to see if that has any effect. Don’t think that this will fix the issue since Wifi continues to work when this occurs. Sent in my logs on this to Wyze, and haven’t received any reply yet. Now I’m wondering if the thermostat uses one IP address for local Wifi access and may ask for a temporary IP address or port for connectivity to Alexa and that IP address or port is not working well with some routers DHCP configurations. Just to put the solution to another issue with Alexa connectivity in one place, here is a link to my response when the thermostat did not connect to Wifi. Thermostat not connecting to cloud, now won't setup after reset - #3 by vtester

The offline icon came on for a couple days, but I didn’t notice any change in operation or access, could still control. It went away after couple days, nothing since.

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I’m in the same boat, everything wyze I own is connected except thermostat but it works fine with phone app

Alexa skill says it changes temp but actually does not… It works fine from the app… Is this an alexa issue? Started last night

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Just started happening to me within this last week. App works but Alexa doesnt. App shows thermostat with offline icon. What the heck is going on. Anyone have any idea how to fix it. Why no response from WYZE?

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Mine was working fine and it tried to upgrade its firmware said it failed but then shows its the new version and now it won’t work with alexa but the app works. I have reset it relinked it left it unplugged for 10 mins even all 3 at once. Is there anyway to rollback the firmware???

I received a firmware update today which fixed the problem. Alexa can now control my thermostat again and it no longer appears offline in the app.

And the issue has returned. Wyze app shows the thermostat as offline and Alexa wont control it.