Thermostat wiring?!?

I installed my thermostat just as the previous one was installed. The wires had markings on them. But I’m assuming something is wrong.
the heat works then blows cold after.
Any help would be appreciated. I have pics and will attach when it allows me to.

We will need the pics. :slight_smile: You may be limited to one per post unless you do some other reading in the forum.

A pic of the thermostat’s wiring, and a pic of the furnace control board where that wiring goes would be appreciated. Keep the letter codes clear on both.

Then hopefully our resident expert member @speadie will be able to give some advice. :slight_smile:

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I posted a link to Imagr. Pics should be up there, hopefully :confused:

Need to see this area clearly

Also, do you have a picture of your old thermostat hooked up?

And is there a particular reason W1 is wrapped in white tape with a different wire shoved into the W1 connector on the wyze?

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Honestly, idk. AC worked fine. I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio. So it just started getting cold again.

The heat runs and I feel hot air. Then the heat stops, and cold air comes through.

We were averaging 5 hour run time during the summer. And yesterday the furnace ran for 17 hours and the temperature got to 64 in the house. Already this morning its ran for 7 hours.

I appreciate your help.
My name is Dallas

Try taking the black wire that is in W1 out and place the white W1 wire in its place. I don’t see that black wire terminating anywhere in the furnace - is it attached to anything?

Brown wire is in W1. Black wire isn’t plugged into the thermostat.

Rc - red wire
Y1 - yellow wire
O/B - orange wire
G - green wire
W1 - brown wire
C - gray wire

White and black aren’t plugged in anywhere.

Still want me to plug the white wire in place of the brown?

Temperature is fine in the house now. It was running. But still the fan runs 30 mins to an hour after the vents blow hot air.

Again, thank you so much.

I dont see the brown wire from the thermostat going anywhere either- is it connected to anything in the furnace?
The white wire should be the aux heat coils, from the schematic you posted. These are needed when the outside temp is cooler than your heat pump can operate in, but they do use a significantly higher amount of electricity to run.

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Brown and black wires weren’t plugged in anywhere in the furnace.

I removed the brown plug. And plugged in the white. I will text the system.

I how this works!

Thank you. I will let you know.

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It’s working so far. Thank you so much!!

It’s blowing hot when it should on all 3 tests.

Thank you, is there a way I can repay you or give you a gift??

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