Thermostat Wants me to connect wire on star but I don't have wire for that

So my original white wire goes to W1/E on original Thermostat, That makes Wyze tell me to place the wire on E, on star now and wire from W1 on W1 now. Problem is the original stat has both of those on one connection. Ill include the picture of old stat.
I’ve tried hooking it up both ways, On star or on W1, neither of these ways made my AC work. The other problem I have before getting the new stat is that my heater is broken and I have to use my emergency strips to heat my home. Since I have such a small apartment, it works out fine, but of course I can’t test the new stat fully when connecting it due to this problem. (if the heater is turned on, the safety kicks on and I have to reset the AC completely on the breaker for it to work again)

Being that it’s summer in AZ I don’t care about the heat, won’t need it for long time, just want the AC to work.
Im pretty sure I have a heat pump, as I have electric strips as I said.

pictures are required.

Both W1 and E/* are heat related, so figuring those out can wait for later, but if you have a heat pump, it should work in heating mode if it works in cooling mode.