Wire my thermostat and with out a control board

Hey i have this with i belive to jumper wire the red wire to rc and a metal piece conect to both the rc and rh. I also see a small jumper wire conected to y and w

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Heat pump. Show the air handler side and I can probably show you how to wire it without needing the C adapter.


Here is what i found

Can you separate out these wire nuts and share another picture? I’m interested to see where that white wire is going, and can’t exactly tell with the overlap


Does this work

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That’s Great.
Couple of questions:

  1. Do you have more than 1 thermostat in your house?
  2. Do you live in a climate where it rarely gets cold? - by cold, I mean close to freezing.
  3. Is there a model number indicated in the door that you took off to see these wires? or somewhere on the outside of the package unit?

I’m fairly certain that you only have heat pump provided heat, no heat strips, but without a model number, it’s hard to be 100% positive.

  1. I only have one

  2. I live in arizona it gets cold but not freezing. It doesnt not snow here

  3. There this in side

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Hmm. Not much available on this model number - only that it had an optional gas or electric backup. That coupled with the fact that the only W wire hooked up is coupled to Y on the thermostat side leads me to think that the only reason it’s connected to W3 is that someone thought you might want to install backup heat in the future. You could be pretty safe in using the white wire as a C wire, if you wanted to do that,
However if you wanted to be sure the heat works the same way it currently does, you could use the C adapter.

I’ve included both diagrams:

With the C adapter, tell wyze you have the following wires:
O, Rc, W, Y, G

Without it, tell it you have the following wires: O, Rc, C, Y, G

Rewire it as shown in the respective diagram. You will not need to connect Y to W on the wyze.


Thank you for the help i got it up and runing thank you


@speadie maybe you can help me?

Using a C adapter

Leave the wires that go to the ac compressor on the furnace board.
Connect the c adapter in between the other set of wires, and remember that the green wire goes to G on the c adapter , but C on the wyze.

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Ty I’m at work and will do this when I get home in the am again Ty

Ok so the R wire from the c adapter will goto the RC on the thermostat and the G wire from the C adapter to the C on thermostat correct?