Thermostat temperature correction feature not working

I just bought 2 wyze thermostats and installed them. I have both of them that do not display the correct ambient temperature. Verified by 2 different thermometers. There is the temperature correction feature in the app, but it does not seem to correct on either thermostat. Anyone know whats going on? Seems like a real problem to me.

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I have the same issue. Contacted support and sent logs where the thermostat team was supposed to get back to me. Not sure what their SLA is, but it’s been 24 hrs since I heard anything.

please let me know if you hear anything. This thermostat does not seem very accurate. If i didnt already throw the boxes away, i woulda just sent it back. I coulda swore before i was directed to to the latest firmware update, it worked.

Will do. I reached out to support to see when I can get a response and just received a blanket statement.

I purchased mine at Home Depot this past week, but I bought another set directly from Wyze (because they were cheaper). Planning to do a swap and return the possible defective ones back to Home Depot.

If the new ones don’t work, then I can only narrow it down to firmware. I’m on the latest 1.2.0. So I assume that if this firmware update was fairly recent, a developer must have overwritten a code by accident or wasn’t thoroughly tested before releasing.

[Update] from Wyze, “… recently found a bug with the temperature correction setting that results to the setting not working when set. This is currently affecting Wyze apps on iOS devices. That said, if you have an Android device with you, please try to install the Wyze app to it, login to your account then change the Temperature Correction setting. That should resolve the temperature inaccuracy. Rest assured that the engineers are working triple time to get this issue fixed as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if the issue persist, let me know so that I can raise it to the team so that they can work on a fix.”