Thermostat not responding in Alexa

For the last two to three days, when I ask Alexa to change the temperature in the thermostat, Alexa reports “hmm, thermostat is not responding”.

It has worked with Alexa since I first installed it, last year. I have no problem controlling it in the Wyze app.

I have disabled and re-enabled the skill in Alexa.
I have removed the thermostat controller from the wall and plugged it back in.

This same issue began weeks (months?) ago, after the last Wyze server outage, which resulted in my original post “How do I speak to a human?”.

The result of that was Wyze couldn’t help me. They basically had me wait several days AFTER they resolved their server issues. Then it began working again. Mysteriously.

So this time I decided to just wait it out. But after almost three days, it still isn’t working.

Any ideas?

I’ve seen this before once or twice. I just powered off the stat and powered it back on. To my knowledge there’s no convenient way to simply reboot the thermostat. So in this case I just pulled the power lead off my zone panel, because I was standing next to it when I thought of it. A better/safer way would be to switch the furnace breaker off and switch it back on. Which will reboot the thermostat. It booted back up and about two minutes later Alexa commands worked again.

This issue was resolved a few days after my original post (Sorry, I can’t remember what they had me do), with the exception of one command “Make it warmer/cooler”. For the last month Alexa would respond that she didn’t understand.

About two days ago I tested that phrase again and now it’s magically working.