Thermostat not connecting to cloud, now won't setup after reset

I installed my thermostat a few days ago without issue… I woke Christmas morning to a thermostat that was not connected to network. The stat had an IP address and all other wyze devices were working. So I did a factory reset and began to set it up again. This were the problems started. Now I have an app that after entering my network settings and getting a “You did it! your thermostat is ready” message I get a cannot connect message and the stat is stuck with the WYZE logo… Help Please!!!

I am experiencing the very same issue. No number of resets, WiFi reboots, or attempts to connect to the network will move me past the “Finalize”. The Thermostat entry in the app is stuck and starts the whole install procedure over again when it is launched. I was forced to re-install my old thermostat to enable heating.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Just had my thermostat go off line and not comeback even after a factory reset. The phone would control it right in front of the thermostat ,but not in the other rooms. Had the same IP and looked like it should work. Went to my router cleared the DHCP settings for all devices, and immediately the thermostat came back with a new IP and instantly connected. Interestingly enough, I had a similar issue with the previous Honeywell wifi thermostat 6 months ago. Thought I would give it a try. It might be my router and DHCP settings since I let all devices reserve their addresses.

Thank you for the suggestion. IP Release and renew for the entire network fixed my problem. My thermostat is now connected and functioning.

Here’s my response to a different post which may be another cause of connections to the cloud when the Wyze app on the phone shows the loss of cloud connections. Thermostat won't connect to Alexa - #6 by vtester