Thermostat looses connection to app after router reboot

Seems to be an issue. I reboot my router. when I do, the stat does reconnect to the wifi, shows good connection and has an internal IP addy. However on the app on my phone it will have a cloud with a line through. Alexa cannot control it either.

I just now figured out my router has IP address lock to mac address, I am guessing this will solve this issue once it finally syncs up with the app. if this is a hot topic I will report back.

Report back even if the issue is cleared. It does take some time for the cloud connection to be cleared by the app, tho (not a continuous update)

If the thermostat remains disconnected from the cloud, it might mean that there’s congestion on the channel that your router uses. I was able to fix it by switching to a different channel. Switching to a less congested channel actually fixed it pretty much instantly.

Details on how you did that so we can see if there is an issue that can be fixed at Wyze?

The channel can be chosen in the router settings. It may be set to automatic but can also be set manually. Wyze support can assist with determining which channel might be better than the current one.

I have an app to look for best channel. That’s not the issue.
Problem is the thermostat still drops. I can control it on when my phone is on the wifi, but Alexa cannot, and if I am not home I cannot.
Problem his been on going

Setting the MAC address locked to the same router IP address did not work