Thermostat Just clicking - will not display WYZE logo during instillation - Bummed

Pre-ordered the thermostats and was patiently waiting it’s arrival to add to my eco-system. Well, it showed up today and after about an hour or two of messing around with it I can only get the thermostat to click repeatedly and the display never shows the WYZE logo, I’m pretty bummed out over it I thought this would be an awesome addition to my beginning of the smart home I’m trying to setup. I’ve looked on the forums and others have had the same problem but I never find that a solution has been reached. I did the instillation process twice and triple checked everything. I also strips some of my old wires back to insure no cross contact was being made. I’ve reinstalled the old dumb thermostat, Possible problems in my mind: 1.) bad/faulty thermostat unit 2.) we had a tree fall on our outdoor cooling unit and is no longer operational but is still wired.

Waiting to hear if anyone has fixed this problem - thanks !

The wires I had were -
RC, W1, C, and Y1

Clicking can mean that your R and C wires are switched or that your C wire is from a different transformer than the R is coming from.

I think I’ve responded to you in a different post, but share any pictures here if you still have not gotten it to work. Pictures needed of the old and new thermostat wiring, the air handler/ furnace board, and the outside unit board or control wires.