Thermostat help no stage 1 heat

Just installed Thermostat. I’m not getting any heat for stage 1 but am getting a little heat for stage 2 (not like I got with my old non smart thermostat.
I reset once without success. The system is a Trane XR propane Heat pump.

Any help is appreciated.

Sorry for the pictures being spread across posts. it wouldn’t let me add them all to one post since I am new.

Welcome to the community @ianalobley

I am a DIYer and have hooked up my T-Stat as well.

Is this a Heat Pump? If so your wiring needs to change and you will need to setup the T-Stat again:

On the original image your wiring for a Heat Pump is as follows:

Blue = C
Red = RC
Orange = O/B
Yellow = Y
Green = G
White = AUX / E

If this is the case then your Orange Wire will need to go to O/B and your White Wire would go to W1 or * (But Believe it will be W1)

If it is a conventional system, please let me know.

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Thank you for your quick reply. It’s a heat pump. Realized my mistake after I submitted the post and read a few other posts.I got that all straightened out.

Is the fan in setting pretty intense? With my previous thermostat, when I would turn the fan on it was very noticeable. With the Wyze thermostat I can barely feel it and the intensity of the air movement is much less. Not sure if my wiring the system as conventional could’ve hurt the fan or anything else.

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I have a conventional Gas Furnace. I have set my Fan to run 24 hours but I let the Furnace control it. So if there is no Heat or AC the fan runs at a lower speed to keep the air circulating. But when it calls for heat, it will spin up faster.

Not sure if the Heat pump works the same way, I suspect it does as I used to have a Heat pump on a previous home and had the fan running 24x7 as well.

Glad you figured it out.

Is your fan speed the same as your old thermostat? This is the difference of me blowing in the duct and a leaf blower.

I don;t see any difference between my previous T-Stat and the Wyze T-Stat when it comes to blower speed.

Slower when simply circulating air and faster when the call for Heat or AC is called for.

So I tested the fan on the same unit downstairs but with the older thermostat and have realized my fans not kicking on! Something funky is going on. It kicks on for heat or cool but not for fan only

Where are you turning your fan on from?

if you tap controls at the bottom of the main page it will open the controls screen. Then you change the Fan from Auto to on. Once you close the controls page, the fan should kick on.

if you are using the Fan Cycle in advance settings, that will only kick the fan on for that period of time per hour.

Main page changing from auto to fan on does nothing. Seems super odd

Update. I thought the upstairs unit was a propane heat pump. however its an electric heatpump with a variable speed fan. I had an HVAC tech come out today to confirm I didn’t blow anything up and they confirmed I performed the installation correctly with the acception of selection propane as the fuel source instead of electric. The fan was in fact kicking on but since its a variable speed fan its hardly felt compared to the propane furnace on the 1st level.

@spamoni4 thanks again for your help troubleshooting this