Thermostat Filter Management

I have set up a Filter under the Filter Management for the Thermostat. After a few weeks of running the filter still shows 0% used. Is there something I am missing for the app to count the hours of usage?

Same for me and I have my behavior set to max savings. Wonder if its based on HVAC actual run time which would make sense.

I am not set to max savings. But regardless, the percentage should change after weeks of running.

I am guessing this is a bug, has anyone sent in a log and contacted support?

Yes, the filter life is based on runtime

The problem is currently the percent never changes, it does not seem to be updating as you use it

I just sent my log,

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My filter just changed to 1% used.

My filter has been sitting at 0% since I reset it weeks ago. At least 100 hours of runtime since then

6 weeks and 145hrs runtime later, still 0% used

Yes what a joke! I reset mine and still no change. Wyze needs to beef up their program team to master the app and product issues they have on the market. All these new releases and pre order is only good if it works. Not just letting the customers being beta tester for them. But its a shame they don’t even hear our issues. If they say they are working on it, they should keep us in the loop of progress. I think we your appreciate it more to continue to buy Wyze.

Thats my 2 cents…


Still at 1%…

New firmware just released so let see if if fix few issues. They changed safety temperature to allow low of 35 degrees.

Note: There is a bug with this that prevented Android devices from updating Wyze Thermostats to 1.1.2. We have turned off the ability to update to this version until that issue is resolved.

I have been using the new firmware 1.1.2 on my android but still 0% since update :frowning:

New firmware 1.1.6 since released and still shows 0% :frowning:

Our filters are rated for 700 hours. How can I manage my filter in the Wyze Thermostat to notify me when 700 hours have elapsed and it’s time to change the filter.

700 running hours? set your filter life to 29 days. (29*24=696)
The wyze filter life only counts down for actual run time of the air handler.

Thanks @speadie . It seems odd that Wyze doesn’t offer this type of filter management which is standard in most programmable thermostats. However, your calculation and reviewing Insights will give me the data I need. Thanks again for your quick reply.

I added a new filter 2 weeks ago and the percentage is still at 0.