Usage Inconsistancy in polled data vs app reporting

I have been monitoring my thermostat usage via an API for a while now. Last night I had a very confusing incident happen. The thermostat in our shop reported being on for 19hrs via the wyze app, but according to my API stats it was only on for about 2 hrs. I poll the API every 15 min to get a status of the thermostat as well as other atmospheric data. Is anyone else pulling data from wyze via an API or other and getting inconsistent results back compared to the app?

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I’m not monitoring my data in any other way, but my wyze has reported that it ran for 24h straight before, and I know that’s false.

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Just wanted to share: this happened to me too and the reading is definitely false. It read on for a full 24 hours or more. This is not the case. The house would have been so hot.

I also have this issue regularly. Noticed it off and on this winter and last. Is this a firmware bug? Is there a fix?

The app tells me the heat ran for 12 hours today compared with around 6 hours per day most of the past week. It definitely didn’t. Today was warmer AND I had the fire burning most of the day with a circulating fan moving the warm air around. I expect the heat ran 2-3 hours at most in the early morning.

I’ve also had it tell me the heat ran for 24 hours straight multiple days when it absolutely did not.