Thermostat - Usage data?

I cant find any usage info other that the total hours per day the furnace was on. I thought being a"smart" thermostat it would have more info such as When and the number of times on/off. Am I missing something or does this not provide any real usage info?

No, I don’t think you are missing it. This was and is an issue with the Band’s graphs as well. Somebody at Wyze just likes showing the simplest (and most basic) data which makes it rather useless unless you’re just comparing total run time. It’s like they don’t expect people to need more in depth data.

Lets not detract them and keep them focused on tstat performance. Charting can come later :wink:

I agree. It’s like it’s a placeholder :+1:t2:

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Detract them? this type of info should be there from the begining along with everything WORKING PROPERLY when they start shipping. I like the products EVENTUALLY but they really suck in begining. I’m so tired of getting product that never works as expected and waiting and waiting for “fixes” and not having proper documentation for install- I can only imagine the problems I’ll have with the doorbell I preordered months ago when and if that ever ships. Will that work when it ships? I doubt it, will they be able to provide QUICK fixes? again I doubt it, at this rate they will still be fixing the TStat problems and lack of data provided from it.

Be interesting to see how long it will take them to add more granular on time data. I like the total run time for the day but want to better understand heat/cool cycles.

They dropped a lot of products recently so, my guess is take a number.

It shouldnt be take a number, but I’m sure the “update” IF it ever comes will be well after heating season is over ( or after another dozen products). Meanwhile I’m considering putting the old one back on- that is MANY years old ( maybe 20?) but at least gave me hours information - Another “update” I would like to see is a CANCEL button on the main screen of the app - I find myself "spinning " the dial by mistake and then the “Oh crap, what was it set at?” and also the wording – its 75 “In your thermostat” I dont care the temp inside the thermostat, I want room Temp. ( and it seems to be running higher than the real temp)

That line is just a variable for whatever you call your thermostat. If you name your thermostat “house” it’ll say it’s 75 in your house. I named ours “hallway” since that’s where the thermostat is. You’ll need to adjust the temp offset if you find the sensor reads too high or too low to calibrate it for your house.

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Thank you Vaaish, I guess I missed that info in the manual :slight_smile:

Looks like they still haven’t bothered to add any meaningful data to the statistics page. Total run time without any definition is not very helpful.

No fooling, its worthless. But dont worry! they said its comming, it should be here by March- 2 years ago!!