Thermostat Runtime Glitch

Good morning friends,

It’s 30°F here in Michigan and I’ve been monitoring my furnace runtime as the temps are dipping lower. I came across this.

For whatever reason Wed is showing 19hrs of furnace runtime. My wife was home with the kids while I was at work in the morning and I was home for the remainder of the day - nobody has touched the thermostat. My furnace is also quite oversized for my home and if it ran 19hrs it would have burnt the place down.

I am running the latest beta firmware on the Android app and the thermostat and I havent had any issues with the thermostat since I installed it a few months ago. Anyone see this happen before?

Can you confirm your current app and firmware versions? This seems to be a new issue.

I’ve seen the same kind of thing a few times in the past in my thermostat usage charts. One instance I noted was when it showed my A/C usage on June 29, 2023 as being 19 hours, though I knew my A/C hadn’t been on nearly that long that day. So I don’t think this is a new problem. Also per my notes, my highest daily usage shown for all of July 2023 was 12.5 hours - that number was questionable too as it was twice as high as most other days.

Is the usage tracking done in the thermostat itself, or in the cloud? If it is done in the cloud, I could imagine that a connectivity issue might prevent the thermostat telling the cloud it had switched off at the actual time, leading to an incorrect duration being stored.

I’m running 2.49.0 for the app and 1.2.8.a2 for the thermostat. That Wed was the only day it’s done that so I’m wonder if it was a cloud related issue as @runlikecrazy suspected.

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I think I may have solved this mystery.

Yesterday my wife called while I was at work and said the house was freezing but the thermostat said the heat was running. I left work early to check it out and found my furnace had an error code for the flame sensor failing to detect a flame and it had retried three times, failed, and entered lockout mode which requires cycling the power to the furnace to reset. I cycled the power and its been running fine ever eince. Today I checked the thermostat on the app for this week’s usage and found it had over 9hrs of runtime logged yesterday when every other day has been around 2.5hrs.

The thermostat and app have no way of knowing if your furnace is actually producing heat or not and is simply logging the duration of each call for heat. So if your furnace errors out and the thermostat is calling for heat for several hours, its logging several hours of furnace runtime.

An intuitive feature to add to this thermostat would be to send a notification to the user when a call for heat is not fulfilled in a time consistent with your weekly average or if the call for heat is abnormally long with no temp change.

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